I’m Bringing Drexel Back

Admittedly not as catchy as bringing sexy back.  On Thursday, the boys and I ran errands, then took advantage of the sunny weather by stopping in a garage sale and two thrift stores.  We left Goodwill with three small planters for $1.50 each.


But we hit the jackpot at our second store, striking gold with this beat up Drexel dresser.

Listed at 90 dollars, I wasn’t going to buy it.  I asked if I could get a discount for the scuffs and burns on it.  The manager took off 25% making it $67.  Not needing another dresser, I couldn’t decide.  Yes, it would look great in the boys’ room.  But they had a white one that worked just fine.  So I asked you, and nearly everyone said, “YES!”  Tipping point, I bought it.  Over the weekend, I sanded it down, getting down to bare wood.

Originally I thought I’d stain it dark (to match their bookshelf), but seeing the pretty grain made me question that decision.  Again, I asked you what to do.  This time, votes were about 75/25, so I went with a clear finish and gold painted hardware.


Now, Drexel’s back and more handsome than ever.


He’s a far cry from the antique-y white dresser of yore, adding a warm wood tone and sleek lines.



Look at those legs!  Slightly tapered, no cankles.



Perhaps the handles are the furniture equivalent of a gold chain?


A few burns and one stain are still slightly visible on the top because they went too deep to sand out.


Sixty seven dollars well spent.  Because we already had sand paper, spray paint, and clear coat, $67 is all I spent on this guy.


Another change in the boys’ room that has me chomping at the bit to give this room some attention.  Like paint covering the walls.  All four.  And a twin bed for Ev, once he’s unhappy sleeping in his crib.

30 thoughts on “I’m Bringing Drexel Back

  1. Holy cow…that looks like cherry wood! Who woulda thunk that gorgeousness was hiding under that old finish with its chips and scratches? Nice find.

  2. I’m in love with it! And so happy you bought it, yay for the power of Instragram, lol 🙂 The original wood color is amazing 🙂

    Q: where you get the cute basket next to the dresser? I’ve been on the hunt for a great basket for Avery’s toys

    1. Hey Katrina!

      Thanks, lady! You all are enablers, but in the best way. 🙂 I bought the basket a few years ago at Home Goods, but I always see similar styles at TJ Maxx, too. Hope that helps!!


  3. That is one sexy dresser! I’m so glad you went for it. I really like the finish, what did you use to seal it? Did you use a rub-on poly or a brush on poly? What brand and finish? It’s got a great sheen and really showcases the wood grain.

    1. Hey Hevel House!

      I totally agree. 🙂 I used Minwax Ploycrylic in a satin finish. The nice thing is that it’s water based, so it doesn’t stink, dries quickly (2 hours between recoats), and cleans up with water. I used a Purdy brush to apply it, let it dry, then sanded lightly with 400 grit paper and applied the second coat. Super quick, I literally had the dresser sanded and two coats on in the same day.


  4. Hi Amanda-

    I love it! We have a Drexel table and chair set- a hand-me-down from my hubby’s grandparents. BUT- it seems to have a veneer over it? Was yours veneer-less?


    1. Hey Anna!

      Some parts have a veneer. The side panels for sure, and possibly the inset of the top. The legs are solid and the drawers have thick fronts. If you want to refinish yours, you still should be able to sand it down, just use 120 grit paper and go lightly. Hope that helps!


  5. Wow- it looks great!! The natural texture/color really seems to complement the other colors in the room. I love the ‘no cankles’ description- that seems spot on comparing the white with the drexel 🙂

  6. So glad you didn’t paint it white. More work to sand and stain but the results speak for itself. Beautiful!

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