Gimme a Giveaway Winner & Ice, Ice Bucket

Hello and Happy Friday, friends!  Can you believe we’ve almost finished April?  Seems crazy, but bring on May, warmer weather, and flower planting.  But for today, let’s share the Through the Doggy Door winner. chose Janelle, a fellow Montanan waiting until June 1 to plant.  Congrats, Janelle!

You already know I can’t get enough green lately.  Well, I did it again.  Oops.  I found this chrome, wood, and wood print ice bucket at the thrift store for six bucks.  Perfect for our little bar with just a bit of sprucing up.


That dark wood print had to go.


After a thorough cleaning, I sprayed it with a coat of flat white spray paint to act as a primer.  Then dug out test paints to see what color I wanted.  Five colors later, I loved Anjou Pear, the same color I plan to paint the boys’ bedroom.


Green-yellow, light, and a burst of fun.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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