Bubbling Up

Here’s another quickie project to help you get organized.  Or at least more organized, can’t fix every problem with a few hooks now can ya?  It started when I saw these cute metal cloud hooks.

Then I looked at the pile of Everett’s costumes and set out to make cute hooks.  A stop to Michael’s and Home Depot gave me everything I needed:

1 inch wood dowel

Pre-cut wooden shapes (I chose conversation bubbles, but there are so many fun shapes, including clouds)

Dowel screws

Sharpie paint pen


Not pictured, you’ll need craft paint, clear coat, wood glue (or your favorite strong glue), a drill, saw, and pliers.  Cut the dowel to length, mine are 2 inches and sand any rough ends.  Then glue the wooden shapes the front, pressing firmly.  Once dry, paint all sides of the hooks.  Drill a pilot hole the size of your screw shaft in the end of the dowel.  Screw the in, making it tight.


I chose to write on the bubbles, to look like a comic books.  Gotta love a little onomatopoeia, right?  Seemed fitting since the hooks hold super hero costumes.  So I wrote words like Boom, Kapow, Zap, and Thud with the Sharpie pen and gave the hooks two coats of clear finish.  I screwed them to the wall (find a stud or use anchors, just to be safe) and showed Everett.


He thought they were “so nice.”  Mission accomplished.


I’ve got two more that I might add, but we’ll see.


Something similar could be fun and functional in an entry, too.  Maybe with names on them?  Maybe not, to look like little floating art…

15 thoughts on “Bubbling Up

    1. Hi Sara!

      Do it! They’re quick and easy (something ou definitely need when you’ve got three little boys running around!). Please share if you do make some. 🙂


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