MCM, Modernized

Hello and happy Monday, if there is such a thing.  On Friday I shared the blow-by-blow of my five dollar chair refinishing and upholstering process.  Starting with these 70’s dark stained orange vinyl covered wood beauties.


And here they are now, after an overall sanding, clear coat, thick neutral fabric, and satin nickel nail head detail.

MCM Chairs Finished in Family Room

Once I started sanding the wood down, I saw how blonde the wood was.  And liked it.  A lot, for a few reasons.  Lighter felt more updated, less reminiscent of the Brady Bunch kitchen color palette.  The pale wood also contrasted with the dark slate fireplace, instead of blending in.  After going through the trouble to sand to the unfinished wood, I didn’t want a dark stain that wouldn’t be an obvious change.  Also, I’m leaning toward natural finished wood, for a little variety.

MCM Chairs Finished Right

Even though the chairs are neutral, I’m super happy with the go anywhere colors and subtle patterned fabric.

MCM Chairs Finished Left

To bump up the comfort and color, I plan to find or sew lumbar pillows.

MCM Chairs by Fireplace from Breakfast Nook

That  little footstool will get an update and jolt of color sometime soon, too.  Because paint is easier and cheaper to change than upholstery and stain.  These chairs work great in the family room.  Comfy, but light weight and open.  Can’t forget the price, either.  Only $32 spent on the chairs and materials ($18 for the fabric and four more for the nail head – we had the rest already).

MCM Chairs Finished From Stairs

I might fix the back of the seat because you can see the puckered fabric.  Not perfect, but not terrible for my first rounded corner cushions.

MCM Chairs Finished Toward Kitchen

How’s that for a Cinderella story?  What do you think?  Have any plans for the upcoming long weekend?

14 thoughts on “MCM, Modernized

  1. Beautiful job, Amanda! The chairs look so much better, I really love the natural wood with the neutral fabric, You did good!!

  2. Amanda-
    I have to say that I find it so refreshing to see someone embracing natural wood! I think the blonde looks great- especially against the dark fireplace!

    Great job!

    1. Hi Anna!

      I really used to like walnut finished wood. I still think it looks nice on some things. But when I see pretty grain, I don’t want to hide it. Glad you like the blonde against the dark fireplace, too. That’s my favorite part about these chairs.


  3. I’m looooving light wood lately, I think you did an amazing job on your new chairs (and I’m totally jealous you got them for $5!!). Everyone is so into dark wood lately so it’s nice to see a change. 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Thank you so much for your super sweet compliments! Natural wood is so nice to me lately. Dark wood has it’s place, but sometimes lighter is better.


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