Light Switches

Completely out of Montana norms, it rained all weekend.  Rain outside meant little time for work outdoors.  Instead, we had a lunch date, relaxed, and hung up two light fixtures.  The first, the PVC icosahedron pendant I made to replace the too low, never used ceiling fan.


I looked for a cheap pendant and canopy at home improvement and thrift stores, but didn’t find anything.  Soooooo, I decided to steal the $6 thrift store pendant from the dining room.  Ditched the shade, using only the guts.  We had a few metal down rods from other pendants, so I covered the cord with a small piece.


While it may not stay forever, I’m super happy with the open, modern, geometric shape.


I still might replace the top and bottom points, just to make the peaks a little more obvious.


While Ben had the supplies out, I asked him to install a new light in the boys’ room, too.  Snagged this one at ReStore for eight bucks.  A quick scrub and ready to go.  Wish I would have thought about this before and painted the gold canopy.  Ahh well.  Still better than the boob light that was there.


Bonus, we could raise chickens in here with a light like that.  Not that it’ll happen, but we could.  And I just might be able to start (and hopefully finish!) scraping the popcorn off the ceiling.  Handy Sammy will be out-of-town for a month, so we can shift the boys to his room, giving me a month of time to get it done.  Without disturbing him.  Woo to the hoo, I’m ready for this.  At least I am in my head, my arm might hate me by the end of it.

10 thoughts on “Light Switches

  1. I’d argue that rain is 100 percent normal in Montana at this time of year. Or more often, snow! Love that light in your bedroom now!

    1. Hey Cassie!

      That’s true, this is the one time of year we really get rain. It’s just odd that it rained consistently all weekend. Usually we’ll get light showers or even a heavy downpour, then it’ll clear up. So glad you love the light! 🙂


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