Etsy Favs: June

You know what I love about Etsy?  Well, I’m going to tell you.  I love supporting creative people and small companies.  And getting to interact with the actual artist, not some huge entity.  Oh, and all the fabulous, affordable, original art/home decor/jewelry/and more.  So, here’s what caught my attention recently.

Aztec pillow cover at Classic By Nature

Miniature Glowing House with Green Trees by 2 of 2

Vintage Inspired Minerals and Gems Science Poster from Vol. 25

Late Night Swim Watercolor Painting by Renée Anne

Sedum Photo Pillow Cover at Catino Creations

Navy Honeycomb and Mint Cube Stud Earrings from Vivid by Esther

Mountain Range Scherenschnitte Paper Cut by Catfriendo

Give and Take and Picnic in the Park at Kiki and Polly

Vintage Industrial Hanging Light from DW Vintage

Ursa Minor Constellation Pillow at Love, California

Minimal Abstract River Painting by Lauren Adams Art

Ridges Sky 9331 from Becky Comber

We can’t forget about our awesome Etsy shop sponsors, either.  Through the Doggy Door, a quirky shop stocked with upcycled goodies ranging from leather key chains and wallets to brightly painted home accessories.

My favorites are the cameras.  Conversation piece, right?!

And MT Photo Journal, a shop filled with beautiful Montana photography prints.

Scenic landscapeswildlifeflorals, and rustic images abound.

Stop in these awesome shops, support small businesses, and show them some love!

6 thoughts on “Etsy Favs: June

  1. Thanks for including my camera. I have at least 20 unpainted camera’s like this one at home that I need to paint. I am the same as you and really rather support a local business than a big company. I am all for cruelty free and I know I can find that on etsy. 🙂

  2. Excellent picks, all unique! Caity, great thinking! Your camera’s make for an interesting and inexpensive collection. I have a few old ones sitting around here, myself.

  3. Hi Amanda! I saw the buffalo print on your IG feed. I had something like that in mind for my son’s room and wanted to share the links I found to some less expensive artwork on Etsy. I’m seriously considering the last one. Maybe you’ll like them too! -Brandi×10-print

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