Three Things

Three things to share today.  First order of business, the winner of a Sanus Full Motion TV Mount is Erica.  Congrats!


Second on the agenda, sharing a super cheap and über easy way to frame out a canvas.  Wanting to finish off the painted canvas I made for Ben, I stopped in Home Depot to pick up 2 eight foot pieces of 1 by 2 pine.


To fit these in my car, I cut each into two pieces, five feet and three feet so I had a little wiggle room when cutting at home.  Before making my mitered cuts, I sanded the rough wood using 150 grit paper.


Rather than relying on precise measurements, I brought my canvas out to my work table.  Yes, I measure the girly (maybe lazy is more appropriate) way.  But, it made it so easy.  I just marked the edges of the canvas on the inside of my frame, then used a square to mark the top as well.  These lines became the inside of my angled cuts, just lined the edge of the saw blade at the corner and cut.


Before attaching my frame to the canvas, I first applied a coat of Dark Walnut stain and two coats of Minwax Polycrylic (both already in my stash).  I debated the attachment method.

First I though I’d nail from behind the canvas, shooting into the canvas frame and then into the pine.  But Ben said poplar can have weird knots and it might angle and shoot through  my canvas.  Um, not the look I’m going for.

Instead I used an 18 gauge nailer to go through the pine and into the canvas frame.  Worked like a charm, although I did angle my first shot too severely (fearing a blowout on my canvas) and it went into my work table.  Lesson learned.  While the nail holes are on the outside of the frame, they’re barely visible.  You know, until I take a close up shot.


Now the canvas looks finished, with a slim, modern wood frame.


Oh, and I worked up the courage to deal with the ceiling.  Not done yet (this is dragging on!), but looking a little better.  Especially when the can lights aren’t hanging down like Halloween zombie eyeballs.


One of my favorite things about this frame is the price.  Two 8 foot sections of 1 by 2 pine set me back $2.50.  I mean, how can you beat three bucks for a huge frame?!


My second favorite thing about this frame is the depth.  It sits flush with the canvas back, but has another 3/4 inch depth beyond.  I think it’s a nice touch.


Of course I love how quick and easy it was, too.  Took between and hour and two of active time to make.  Because this frame was so easy, I want to make two more to finish off these embroidered constellations.

Item number three; last but certainly not least.  We’re celebrating yesterday’s summer solstice with a big sale.  Now through Friday, July 5, use the code STARTSUMMER to save 50% on everything in our shop!


Oh, how about a number four?  Have a wonderful weekend!

12 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. I loooove this Amanda. I’ve been trying to find a way to frame out a canvas for some time now. Our “guest book” from our wedding is a large canvas we had everyone paint on. It’s been missing that finishing touch for a while and this is it I think. Thanks so much for sharing. Ill have to share mine when I get around to making it.

    1. Hey there, Shavonda!

      So glad you like it!! Love your canvas ‘guest book’ idea. What a fun reminder of your wedding. Please do share your framed canvas when you do it. I’d love to see it!!


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