Summer Playhouse

For me, thrift store art is hit or miss.  Mostly misses with ugly florals, but every once in a while, something great pops up, like this signed two color screen print titled Summer Playhouse:


There was a similar old man print, but I didn’t think I could talk Ben into liking it.


That print is precisely what prompted an art shift in the boys’ freshly revamped room.  I had hung a constellation embroidery set above their bookshelf.


But it felt too top-heavy with the art a good six inches wider than the shelf.  How lucky is it that this $10 print and frame was the same width as the shelf?  Serendipity, people.  Not the John Cusack movie, just a happy accident.


Especially because I had no idea where I would put it when I bought it.  I just knew I liked it.  And had to have it.  The details and colors are great, and it’s a limited edition.  And there are two boys, just like mine.


Now the sky maps flank the window.


One more wall to add art to.  Still haven’t gotten around to de-uglying the little kitchen set.  Whatever, the boys will probably out grow it soon.  Buuuuut, their room is one step closer to being finished.

What rooms have you been working on lately?  Finishing up a project?  Just getting started?

10 thoughts on “Summer Playhouse

  1. I love it too! I can’t believe you found it at the thrift store! For some reason it reminds me of E.T. don’t know why.

  2. Ooo, what a cool art piece! And I’m impressed how much better it looks over the bookshelf than the two constellation prints, which in turn look fab on the other wall. Nicely done! I’ve got project ADD for now, hopping from one to the next and haven’t finished anything in a while. Time to focus!

    1. Hi Marlene!

      Isn’t it neat?! I agree that the art pieces look better in their current places. 🙂 Project ADD is so good and so bad sometimes. Room to work on something you’re interested in, but so many unfinished projects. We do the same thing. Have fun with yours!!


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