On the Plus Side

I’ve hoarded a few art pieces to hang in our bedroom.  Nothing new, just things I liked that didn’t fit anywhere else in the house.  But the group seemed incomplete.  So I made another nail and string dude.  Because I wanted gold, I spray painted some nails.  And a chunk of scrap MDF black.


Using an old envelope with marks as my template, I made a plus sign.  To keep the painted nails, well, painted, I covered my hammer with a scrap of leather.  


Then went crazy with gold embroidery floss, covering the center, then wrapping around the outside twice.  



A mismatched, mixed bag of favorites is now a gallery wall in our bedroom.  



Very, very slowly our room is starting to feel lived in.  Sheesh, only a year and a half later.  And we’re covering up the awful orange peel texture and spotty cobalt blue walls.  


Oh I can’t wait to scrape the popcorn off the ceiling, replace the old windows, and finally repaint this room.  


What do you think of the new art?  Have a happy Friday and weekend, everyone! 

11 thoughts on “On the Plus Side

  1. I love it and the other art work. I think I will try it but I think I will make a cross or a heart. It’s funny how you hang stuff up and it can look like a mish mash of stuff and then presto you add one more thing and it’s PERFECT!! Best Wishes! Toodles, Barbi

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