Stair Master

I’ve called Ben the Stair Master all weekend because he built this:


Yes folks, you are looking at a very beefy set of stairs made from more reclaimed beams.  These steps connect the driveway to the back of the house, covering about six feet of elevation change.  Also remarkably easier and cleaner to climb than the dirt hill.  Obviously we’ve still got landscaping to finish, but let’s celebrate the individual victories.


And while he was at it, he made a beam walkway, connecting the new stairs to the deck.


Ben moved and sanded four more of the biggest guys.  The stack is finally dwindling and we’re slowly gaining our driveway back.


These beams just rest on a level bed of crushed rock, butting up to the deck.


Soon we’ll fill in the rest of the back with crushed limestone and we’ll be able to add plants come spring!  Hootie hoo!!


Once the rock covers over the dirt, we can stain these pieces, too.


What we’re actually waiting on is the rest of the front walk.  If you follow on Instagram, you know we had a trench dug over the weekend.


Within four hours, Ben had the pipes in place and filled back in, like it was never there.  But we had, okay, wanted, to do this before placing the rest of the front beams.  Eventually, we’d like to build a shop with living quarters above at the back corner of the driveway.  We can either get everything in place for it now or wait until we’re ready to build.  Problem with waiting is we’ll have to dig up anything we’ve already finished.  Now we can get the walkway done and perhaps pour a concrete pad in front of the garage.

10 thoughts on “Stair Master

  1. You guys are killing it! I can’t get over how awesome the beams look with the landscape and the house. It’s pretty awesome. We have a home similar in style to yours (though our views in suburbia, Maryland are not as wonderful) and I am thinking that maybe we need to think outside of the box a bit more when it comes to hardscapes. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you so, so much for your super encouraging comment, Ashley! If you can find a good deal on unique things, it can definitely pay off! We’re trying to think of creative ways to use the rest of the beams. 🙂


  2. Hey Amanda can I ask a huge favor? Can you please send Ben on a plane to Cali so he can build my pergola over our deck for me? I promise to return him when its done!! Gah, you guys are so damn good:) The stairs look amazing!

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