It’s So Sick

Hello everyone and happy Monday!  Weather finally cooperated with us this weekend and we gave the back deck a finish coat.  Per Ben’s research and paint store recommendations, we used Sikkens SRD in a Teak finish.

Ben had a one day only 20% off all paints and stains coupon at Home Depot, so we bought six gallons.  And used just under five to get it covered in one thick, even coat.


The color samples at Home Depot and the can showed a medium toned finish, but it actually is much darker.


Not that we don’t like it, but it just wasn’t what we expected.


However, the dark wood is high contrast against the limestone, so happy accident.


It takes 48 to 72 hours to fully cure, and a few areas still are shiny.  But soon we’ll be able to walk on it and (gasp!) use it.


Once the back deck dries, we’ll coat the new front walkway and steps.


More beams make three steps and a small platform.


Because the house originally had concrete steps (that still tie into the house foundation) we had to build the steps over the broken concrete.


An outdoor bench and cable rail system are still on our to do list, but we’re slowly finishing up this year’s landscape work.  Which means we’re getting closer to a pretty exterior and a master bathroom remodel.

What do you think of the darker finish?  Did you cross somthing off your to do list this weekend, too?

20 thoughts on “It’s So Sick

  1. Looks fantastic! I got so excited seeing your stairs thinking a tutorial might be coming up but then I saw you added over existing concrete. We have a loooong stairway made up of beams that runs from the top of our property down to the bottom creek. It is about 20 years old and is rotting so we need to replace it but it is a huge undertaking and it kind of scares me to tackle it DIY. Our whole property is a huge project so reading your blog gives me hope that we can get it done. I love seeing how much you have accomplished in your yard.

    1. Hey Ashley M!

      You’re too sweet! Thank you for your encouragement and kind words! These beams have been so interesting to work with and we’re so happy with the way it’s coming together. 🙂


  2. Hey Amanda- it looks great! And i agree with the other comments- those steps are fab!

    My question is in regards to Sikkens. I stripped our cedar deck earlier this summer and am waiting for cooler temps to stain it. I had previously stained it with Cabot Australian Timber Oil (or something like that) and it stayed sticky forEVER! I have been on all the deck forums and websites and no one can seem to agree on a good stain but Sikkens keeps appearing. Have you noticed any stickiness? Problems with it drying? Any application tips? We have a large deck, so I know that Sikkens will be pricey but I am okay with that if the quality is there!

    1. Hey Anna!

      Ben said it applied really nicely and he used a big (giant really) brush to apply it. His boss used it on cedar siding and it has held up well. There are a few parts (mostly the knots) that are still a little tacky, but the rest has dried and isn’t sticky. Remind me in a few days and I’ll check it again. 🙂


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