Check(er) Book

After sharing the tic tac toe board I got a crazy idea to make a checkerboard.  Out of a book.  While out looking for more bathroom stuff (tile and lights) I picked up a large hardcover book for a buck fifty.


Checker boards are 8 squares wide and lucky for me, my book was just a little wider than 8 inches.  So I taped off the edges and marked my grid, using a pencil to draw right on the book.


Then I used craft paint to fill in every other box until I had a checker board.  Twelve white rocks and twelve gray rocks from our yard serve as mini game pieces.  At least for now.  Maybe I’ll get glass pebble vase filler.  Beach glass or seashells could be neat, too.


V still doesn’t completely understand how to play, but we’re having fun.


And when we’re done playing, we can stash the pieces, er rocks, inside.  That’s right, I made a game board book box following these same steps.  Yes, I realize I’m completely crazy.


Now we have a discreet checker board that looks completely at home on a stack of books.


And we can easily flip it over to play a game.


Who’s up for a game of checkers?  And what are your weekend plans?

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