Tic Tac Toe

You know who uses my phone almost more than I do?  My kids.  To play games.  V recently found Where’s My Water and has been obsessed with it.  While I can’t buy or make a real version, I can make some of the other games they like.  Tic tac toe being one of them.  I actually got the idea when I walked through Michael’s wooden craft department and saw two for 99 cents letters.

A scrap of 1/8 inch craft plywood (excess from this silhouette art) to make the base and a piece of 3/8 inch square trim from Home Depot.


With the front already stained, I pre painted the square trim before using wood glue to attach it along the outer edges.  Then I painted both sides of the letters and taped off the grid to paint.


I found a few wooden nickels in my craft stash so I glued those to the bottom to act as feet.


We’ve already had a few tic tac toe lessons and tournaments.


V is learning to play checkers so I want a cute checker board, too.  I’m thinking the new table base would make a great game spot, so I filled a few bowls with game pieces and metal puzzles.


Now to get that top cut and ready.  What are your family’s favorite games?

2 thoughts on “Tic Tac Toe

  1. This is so cool. Unfortunately my kids fight and cheat when they play real games now LOL.
    Love how it looks and it sure would look great on my coffee table 😉

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