Three Thrifts Under 45

Thrifting, obviously, is a game of luck.  Often, usually when looking for something, I strike out.  But sometimes, sometimes, I hit gold.  And that’s what happened last week.  While running around town sourcing the perfect tile for the impending master bathroom remodel, the boys and I stopped in Goodwill.  Just as I was about to leave, I saw a folded wooden…thing.


Curious, I opened it.  Turns out, it was a funky little table.  With all legs hinging at a center point.  I’ve never seen a base quite like this.


The table base (no top in sight) was priced at $17.99.  I liked the lines and unique design, so I brought it to the check out counter and asked if they could give a discount because it was just the base.  The nice gal lowered the price to $9.99 without a return.  Sold!

Tip:  when thrifting, pointing out the problems of a piece might get you a lowered price.

I’m nearly certain this neat base will live in the family room.  On Facebook, a few people suggested a remnant marble top.  While I really, really love that idea, I don’t think this base could support that much weight.  Boo!


Instead, I think I’ll cut a piece of MDF to size, paint it a poppy color, and call it a day.  Light weight, affordable, easy to change.


On Friday, we shopped for a countertop and stopped in another thrift store along the way.  And that’s where I found a chrome X base and glass top dining table.  For 30 bucks!  I had to get it.  On my way to pay for it, I saw a sign for 25% off all furniture.  Even better, I had a $5 off coupon, so I got this beaut for $17.49.


Eventually I think this will be an outdoor table.  Until then, it’s replacing the ugly but functional folding table we had in the dining room.  Sure, this is smaller (way too small for the room) but it looks so much better.


After our countertop search, we popped in ReStore where I found a lovely brass and wood light fixture.


This too was marked at $30.00, but is missing a few pieces.  Using my ‘point out what’s wrong’ method, I asked about a discount.  How ’bout half off?  You bet.


I had high hopes for this one, but now I’m not so sure.  To use it in the dining room, I’d have to get a 13 inch longer down rod.  Which would also require a new, longer wire.  Is it worth it?  Also, we’re 98% sure the bulbs are halogen, which isn’t ideal for a dining light.  So, what do I do with this guy?

21 thoughts on “Three Thrifts Under 45

  1. I love that coffee table! What about even doing the mdf for now and looking for a big round or square wooden tray that you could mount to the top-Lego table by day for the boys/cocktail table at night for entertaining to go with your little bar area theme. You could even make your own out of the mdf and then adding a rim around the edge. Great finds!

  2. I wish I could get the same stuff from Goodwill as you did. Great job on reviving things and making great things out of them. Love the coffee table. Great post!

  3. Could you swap out the fluorescent light in your office area for the thrifted light fixture? Maybe have it hang just a few inches down? I wonder if it would cast better light than the fluorescent one. Just a thought.
    I love all your finds! Good work!

    1. Hey Jenna!

      I love that idea! Unfortunately, we took the flourescent light down and replaced it with a whole house fan. 😦 But it would make perfect task lighting!


  4. Is there no way to change out what type of bulb the fixture takes? It would make such a neat dining light. And I love the coffee table, I would probably just put a glass top on it to show off the base. 🙂

    1. Hey MEL!

      I’d have to replace the sockets to accommodate new bulbs, so I don’t know how worth while it is… And I think a glass top would look really great, but I know from experience (and now the new dining table) that it will look dirty. All the time. 🙂


  5. Does it ever bother you to be shopping at a Goodwill store that was meant for people who don’t have enough money to buy new? I think it’s pretty trashy to be haggling on prices of things that were donated by people.

    1. Hey Tiffany!

      I see where you’re coming from, and to a certain extent, I agree. But, here’s where I stand on this issue: I’m not the first or only person feeling Goodwill has extremely high prices. I realize I can be very cheap. But if I think it’s over priced, chances are the truly needy in our community do, too. Also, Goodwill has half off sticker weeks, so you know there’s wiggle room on prices. If I saw these same items, at the same prices on Craigslist, I’d haggle with them to get a better price, too.

      It’s very rare that I’ll hagle with ReStore (this was the first time) or our other thrift stores. Their prices are usually reasonable. And I strongly support their missions; giving shelter, food, and clothing to less fortunate members of our community. I can either ask for a lower price and happily pay it, or I can walk away empty handed. Every penny I spend there helps. 🙂

      I hope that helps clarify my mindset.


      1. For Goodwill – a sold product is money in the register to help their mission not to mention it frees up shelf space for more products. Most don’t take offence to the haggling. I haggle quite a bit at the Restore but I’m a frequent shopper and spend quite a bit there. I bought a lot of 900 sf of Carerra Marble tile. They got quite a bit of money from me – I purchased their entire stock and they had the floor space back (they didn’t blink an eye on a better price). If you are a frequent shopper you shouldn’t feel bad.

      2. I definitely agree that Goodwill can be overpriced, which is concerning not because I can’t afford it but because they might be pricing out people who truly rely on second hand stores to get by. I don’t love the justification of haggling with charity stores because of those high prices, but to each his own. I guess it’s a gray area, but knowing these stores are not just another antique store or garage sale but non-profits designed to help those in poverty or those who are disabled in some way makes haggling seem a little cringe-worthy.

  6. Hey Amanda. I was also going to suggest glass on the folding table. But I guess with fingerprints that isn’t the way to go. I like the lego table idea. 🙂 I love all your finds and am sooo jealous. All the big items at my stores are reaaaally bad and look like dorm room furniture.

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