Fall Mantel Tutorials & Free Design

Hey there, you!  How was your weekend?  We got something fun done and we can’t wait to share.  Here’s a teaser until Wednesday.


Aside from warm caramel apple cider and pulling out my sweater collection, nothing gets me more in the mood for fall than decorating for the cooler season.  Last week, our family room and mantel changed from summery greens to fall-ish jewel tones.  And all for only a few bucks.  In fact, I spent about five bucks on the mantel arrangement.  Two dollars for the white acorn (Goodwill) on the left and three bucks for a bottle of Liquid Leaf.


The deer silhouette is a cut out mounted to a contrasting card stock.


If you like Buck, you can make your own using my deer silhouette print.  Choose the opposite direction you want him to face, print on your colored paper, cut out, and tape to another piece of paper.


But my favorite is the gold Liquid Leaf feather painting.  I already had a large piece of gray paper, but a sheet is about $2.


Before stinking up the house with Liquid Leaf, I sketched my feather design in pencil.  Once happy with my design, I used a fine artist brush to cover over with metallic gold.


Wrapping anything – candles included – with embroidery floss is a cheap and easily changeable way to add color.


Start by tying a knot around your object, leaving a long loose tail and the bundle of floss attached.


Wrap the floss around, covering the tail as you go up.  Don’t worry about getting each strand right next to the rest.  Gently push down after several wraps.


At the top, tie a knot, using the rest of the beginning tail to keep the wrap tight.

While I loved the bright colors in the bar nook, it screamed summer.


Left over black and gold spray paint covered the green frame.


And more gold Liquid Leaf over the Eat, Drink & Be Merry print for glitz is fall perfection.


I’m working on a few more fall pillows, too.  What do you do for fall?  What gets you in the mood for changing seasons?

Gimme a Giveaway Winner & Top Twelve Etsy Fall

Holy cow, September went by in a flash!  The temps here are dropping and I even pulled out my fall coat yesterday.  Who’s excited for cool weather, warm fires, and apple cider?  I have a feeling lucky commenter number 5, Shavonda, will cozy up her house with some Michelle Dwight goods.  Congrats, lovely lady!  If you’re looking to add warmth to your home, check out these top twelve Etsy fall finds:


1.  Wall Mount Flower Vase by The Agrarian:  Natural elements are always in style, and this cute wall vase has character and charm.

2.  Yellow Leaf Shaped Pillow from Mikabarr:  Soften and brighten any room with a poppy leaf pillow.

3.  Drip Coffee Stand at Meriwether of Montana:  A manly coffee station addition.

4.  Studded Natural Linen Pillow Cover from Jillian Rene Decor:  Natural linen and gold studs.  Need I say more?

5.  Rose Gold Fox Ring at Petit Formal:  Be foxy with this cutie rose gold adjustable ring.

6.  Gray and Tan Chevron Ikat Pillow Cover by Pillow Fight:  There we go again with neutrals to add warmth.

7.  Rough Top Metallic Concrete Candle Holders from Reconsider It:  Gold and copper metallic + cool concrete = beautiful.

8.  American Bison Pillow at Wilderness Romance:  Cuddle up with this little buffalo.  Isn’t he adorable?

9.  Charcoal Plus Coasters by Cotton & Flax:  Pretty wool coasters to rest a hot (or cold) drink on.

10.  Big Addition Architectural Abstract Pillow Cover from Back to Basics Pillows:  This fun pattern can work well beyond the fall season.

11.  Gold Wishbone Art by Gilded Mint:  Wishing for beautiful art?  Here’s a great, hand painted piece to add to a collection.

12.  Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug at SofArt:  Jazzy colors and a fun pattern collide on this vintage kilim beauty.

Of course we’ve got a few wonderful Etsy sponsors for you to check out, too.

Stop in Vol. 25 to load up on beautiful art prints and science posters.

Juneberry Stitches has you covered if you need a handmade purse or clutch.

Load up on natural scenery prints from MT Photo Journal.  You don’t have to leave the house to enjoy a fantastic fall view.

Wishing everyone a fun-filled fall weekend!

The Jewel of Fall

Generally speaking, I’m not a lover of traditional fall colors.  Red rarely appears in our house, though orange is growing on me.  So this year, I paired orange with some of my year round favorite colors.  Teal, pink, purple, and gray.  Deeper tones really set a warm, cozy feel that’s perfect for fall.


Our mantel art felt too summery, so I made a few new pieces with items I already had around the house and natural pieces.


Feathers and antlers found on my father-in-law’s ranch add a rustic element.


A cut out deer silhouette was simple.  Look for more info on these art pieces next week.


For the main item, I painted a feather using Liquid Leaf and a large sheet of gray paper.


For a little height, I pulled out two glass candle sticks.  Having only cream tapers on hand, I dug in my embroidery floss bin and found eggplant, magenta, and burnt orange to wrap around.


Of course the opposite side of the room has a few seasonal changes, too.


A color blocked pillow I sewed along with a burnt orange suede pillow from Sears on one end.  I’m waiting on this silk and mirror pillow for the other end.  I saved a couple of bucks using Coupons.com codes, too.


Accessorizing the coffee table was simple.  A piece of driftwood, white faux pumpkin, the gold wishbone, and a simple pumpkin patch-inspired by Kirsten’s.


While making Ev more mini foods, I molded a few pumpkins, poked wire in the bases, baked and painted them up.


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What’s the Deal?

If you’ve read here for a little while, you know I’m cheap.  What can I say, a good deal gets my blood pumping and heart racing.  Which means I don’t have to exercise, right?!  Okay, that’s extreme, but the thrill of the hunt or stumbling upon a diamond in the rough makes me happy.  Whether it’s a thrifted piece, like this cutie brown vinyl foot stool on casters:


He didn’t have a price, so I asked.  Survey says?  Five bucks.  Sold to the crazy furniture hoarding woman.  And this fall-ish wood and fabric sewing tote basket.


I plan to swap the fabric out to put it to use as a magazine rack.


Of course buying new can be just as exciting.  Like this $4.48 table and $5.98 ottoman from Target.  At twenty bucks they were a good deal.  Knowing I didn’t need them, I waited for clearance.


None of these items have found their permanent home…yet, but it’s only a matter of time.  The Target table might work outside.  Perhaps the square ottoman in the entry as a small, light weight place to perch while putting on or taking off shoes.  Who knows at this point.  I do know these were too good to pass by.  And eventually they’ll work somewhere.  What is your favorite recent deal?

Make a Wish

Woo hoo, it’s Friday!  How about a little wishful thinking today?  Well, I saw an awesome gold wishbone in Kristin’s living room, but couldn’t justify the near $50 price tag.  Even if it is dipped in 24 karat gold.

But it is such a fun piece, so I figured I’d give it the ol’ DIY try using polymer clay and gold spray paint.  Guess what?  I got close on the second try.


If you want to make your own, get a package of polymer clay.  I used half of the block.  Knead until soft, then split into two even balls.


Roll those balls into long hot dogs, as Ev called them.


Pinch the ends, making a rounded, flat end.  Then squish the two together, smoothing and rounding the pinched areas.  Place on a foil lined baking sheet and adjust the shape until you like it.  On my first try, I quit there and baked it at 275 degrees for about 30 minutes.


One of the ends flopped down during baking.  Stupidly, I tried to bend it back and it snapped off.  Lesson learned.  The second time I placed two clay balls under to keep the shape.


After baking, I gave it two coats of Rustoleum’s gold paint and here she is, living it up on the coffee table.


I know the real version is better, but this two dollar knock off isn’t too bad in my book.


And it’s a super cute start to my fall decorating.


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