Erosion Prevention

We inherited a set of stone steps that abruptly end up the hill-side.  Like the rest of the house, the stairs hadn’t been maintained.

New-House-Back-Yard-Stairs April 13 2012


Over the past year we’ve made many changes to the back ‘yard’, but the stairs stayed.


While waiting for our paint at Home Depot last week (spoiler-couldn’t handle our royal blue bedroom anymore), Ev wanted to push the cart and look at plants.  Boy do we need plants, so we wandered around.  Not many large shrubs this time of year, but the ground covers looked great.  The hen and chick succulents especially.


I instantly thought of this fabulous succulent garden.

With the hope to recreate it, Ev helped me pick out our plants.  A six-pack of hen and chick succulents, one stone crop, lemon thyme, pink mums, and Dianthus.  All full sun, low maintenance plants to line the rock steps.


Also to prevent eroooodiiingggg from the stacked rock planter above.  Oh, and because the Creeping Jenny I planted a few months ago aren’t doing so great.  I grossly under estimated the exposure.


A few pink mums (only 88 cents each!) replace the dead greenery with the ground cover filling the cracks along the climb.

Rock-Stairs-with-Side-Plants Overall

Aren’t the mums pretty?!


Fingers crossed the succulents and other ground covers will a) make it through the winter and b) fill in the dirt patches.


But I’d love to get a few more bright green succulents to brighten it all up.  Any suggestions for full sun, deer resistant plants?


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8 thoughts on “Erosion Prevention

  1. We have a ton of succulents in our yard/rock garden. They grow great and look so pretty. I’m sure yours will look awesome!

    1. Aren’t they adorable?!? I have a few in planters and they survived the winter. Let’s hope these do, too. Because I love them and really want something similar to the inspiration pic. 🙂

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