Blue Sage

For longer than I liked, the walls of our room have been royal (borderline neon) blue.  Very patchy and poorly painted to boot.


We thought we’d have time to replace all the house windows last summer, but that didn’t happen.  This isn’t the year either.  Knowing next year would be the earliest, I couldn’t stand looking at these walls any longer.  While V was in school, Ev and I picked up two gallons of Restoration Hardware’s Blue Sage, color matched to Glidden Duo.  I started painting right away.  Seriously, I was on a mission to eradicate the bold blue.  And her we are two coats later.


Ahh, that’s better.  Though the color is more green than I expected.  Or maybe that’s just in comparison to the blue before.


At any rate, I can handle this color.  At least until we replace the windows.


Because then we’re probably going to pull off all the drywall to replace it.  Heavy orange peel texture and two painted over wallpaper walls and terrible patches and too few outlets and different sized windows seems like that’s the best way to go.


Until then, our room is dark and soothing.


Maybe when we deal with the rest of this room I’ll choose a slightly more blue-green color.


What do you think of it?


Much better than this, no?


Oh paint, how I love thee.  Such healing powers you’ve got.  What have you painted recently?

10 thoughts on “Blue Sage

  1. I love the color. It is so much more soothing than the previous color. We are considering replacing our drafty windows as well. That seems like a huge undertaking.

    1. Hi Angel!

      Thanks so much! So much calmer than the blue before. Windows are a big project, but really make a difference. Especially if your windows are mismatched like ours are.


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