Initial Impression

Ben ran out of gin, so I took that opportunity to add labels to the most frequently used alcohol.  Insipired by this tutorial, I bought a pack of stickers for $1.50 to get started.  A silver oil based Sharpie I had worked perfectly for this.


To get a general idea of the shape, I made dots on the outer edges, then filled in with close dots around the letter.


Super simple, and now three of our bottles have labels.  G for gin, b for brandy, and v for vodka.



These labels coördinate perfectly with the other sprayed silver ombre bottles.


I’m happy with a super simple label that isn’t an ugly brand sticker.  I’ve heard plain Sharpies on ceramic don’t hold up well, so I’ll let you know how these do after some use.


Am I crazy enough to make some for the tonic water, too?


While we’re talking labels, I found this adorable Threshold Nuts bowl in the Target clearance section.  For two dollars, I couldn’t leave it behind.


Have you tried Sharpies on glass or ceramic?  Am I the only one not liking the jumbled look of brand labels?

10 thoughts on “Initial Impression

  1. It’s a great idea if you only have one kind of gin, vodka or other spirits. I think this would be a great idea to do with a decanter, so that you only have one decanted at a time? My husband would crap his pants if he came home and I’d taken off all of the labels on his scotch bottles 😉

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