Paint, Tassels, Plaid & Zippers

This all started with Nate Berkus and his pretty pillows.  Specifically, this one:

For some strange and irritating reason, our Target doesn’t carry most of Nate’s line.  This pillow included, so I’ve never seen it in person.  Or his amazing task lamp.  Anyway, I loved the look of this pillow and set out to make something similar.  I started with white cotton fabric, Martha Stewart gold craft paint (the label says it’s good on fabric), a small paint brush, and a yard stick.  Using my yardstick, I eyeballed the spacing and painted X marks.


They’re super rough and not exact.


Then I cut pieces for the envelope back closure and sewed, right sides together as usual.  Except I stopped about 1/4 short of each corner. Tassel time!  I placed the tassel inside the pillow (remember, what’s on the inside will become the outside) and hand stitched the tassel in place.  Voila, a somewhat Nate-esque pillow cover.


While looking for upholstery fabric for the bench, I saw a row of wool plaid.  All 50% off.  This was my favorite:


But I also really liked the softer, fuzzier pattern on the inside.  So I made a reversible pillow to get both looks.


Because this is reversible, I didn’t want an envelope back.  I found this magenta zipper in my bin and loved the bit of color it would add.


Paired with a Target clearance yellow striped throw, this bench is a pretty cozy nook.

3 thoughts on “Paint, Tassels, Plaid & Zippers

  1. I just found two of those at Ross for five bucks each. Maybe you could try there, although your DIY version looks just as great!

  2. These look so great! I tried to whip out some handpainted pillows a week ago and they were a disaster. I’ll have to try again. Thanks for sharing!

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