Foam Plus Paint Equals Stamped Runner

Part of our Thanksgiving table setting is a gold plus stamped runner.  It didn’t take long to make and cost about 5 bucks.


I bought three yards of 32 inch wide white muslin, normally $1.99 per yard, but I had a 50% off coupon.  Only 3 dollars for fabric.  Then I folded the fabric lengthwise, right sides together and stitched along a short and long side.


Next, I flipped it right side out and ironed it flat.  Once flat (with the seams pressed), I sewed all four edges, leaving a 1 inch seam.  For a little detail, I made a plus sign from a foam take out container to make a stamp.  Because the foam is so thin, I taped a crayon to the back to serve as a handle.


I tested out dipping and brushing paint on using a scrap of fabric.   I actually preferred the brush strokes, so I stamped it on the runner.  Martha Stewart craft paints also work on fabric, so it was about two bucks for the paint.


And we can use this runner year round because it isn’t a specific theme.


I love super simple holiday projects.  Usually things are crazy and it’s nice to have something fun and useful.  Did you make holiday decor for your table?

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