Colorful Cactus & Candles

Last year, our Thanksgiving table was neutral; white, gray, copper, wood, and a dash of gold.  This year I went completely opposite.  Bright colors, including red, orange, yellow, pink, and gold.


I found orange and white stripe napkins at Pier 1 for 98 cents each and that set the color scheme and tone.  Fun, festive fall colors, with a twist.


In place of flowers, I bought three 3 buck cactus from Home Depot and potted them in cheap glasses.  Bonus, I get to enjoy them for more than a week.


To get a little more color, I painted the inside of each glass a different color.  Plain acrylic paint so I can wash these out.


But it’s such a fun, happy, cheap way to add a pop.  Same story for these confetti candle holders I whipped up.  I had the glasses from last year (from Dollar Tree) and used the same acrylic paint to make dots.


Again, these are not permanent.  Hot water and soap will clean these off.


A few mini pumpkins add more color and a fall touch.



The centerpieces are simple, because we need plenty of space to eat our feast.


I covered the table with kraft paper, then set out a DIY runner.  More details on that next week.


Have you settled on a Thanksgiving color scheme?

Oh, and the winner of the Spruce book giveaway is Jackie!  Congrats!!

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