Walk the Plank

You guys, I’m so, so excited with the progress we’ve recently made on the master bathroom.  Like seriously, grinning from ear to ear happy.  Because we’ve got tile on the floors and shower.


With the floor and shower walls 90% done (we still have to grout), we turned our attention to the ceiling and walls.  When we demoed the bathroom, the ceiling had holes from the old shower structure.  And orange peel texture under, while the rest of the ceiling was knock down.  Neither of which we’re fans of.  To remedy the situation, we installed pine tongue and groove boards.


We wanted the boards to run the length of the room, but that parallels the ceiling joists.  So Ben cut old siding scraps to nail in place, and then nail the T and G into.



Knowing we’ll add the claw foot tub we pulled out of the main bathroom, we wanted a little extra to protect the sheet rock walls.  Here’s the tub’s current condition:


After tossing around a few options, we settled on tongue and groove boards three feet up the walls.


We’ve still got a few boards to install, but it’s looking rather rustic and cabin-y in there.  Which isn’t my favorite look, so we’ll paint the ceiling and walls glossy white.


I spent a few hours last night filling nail holes and sanding down drywall.  I’m hoping to get everything primed over the weekend.  After that, we can grout and put the tub and toilet in place.  Then build the vanity.  Already, it feels like we’re moving faster on this than the main bathroom.  What projects are you working on?  Any tongue and groove in your house?  My father in law is pushing for natural wood.

15 thoughts on “Walk the Plank

    1. Hi Lauren!

      I like where you’re headed with that. Our vanity will be wood and I think painting the tongue and groove will really make the wood pop. We definitely need to warm up the room with wood tones. 🙂


  1. Love the look of a claw foot bath with planked wood (but painted!) Just wondered if the wood would warp with water splashing on it? Are you going to use a special kind of paint?

    1. Hi islandbluebird!

      That’s a really good question. If we planned for the tub to be used frequently, we would have tiled the walls. But neither of us are bath people, so it probably won’t be used often. We also have a jetted tub in the main bathroom.

      We have MDF paneling in the main bathroom and for the most part, it’s totally fine. A few spots of the MDF baseboard are expanding, so we’ll replace those with wood. And those are coated with semi gloss Glidden paint. Nothing fancy or special. Though I have wanted to try Benjamin Moore’s bath stuff… We’ll see. 🙂


  2. I don’t believe you can improve on natural wood with a clear oil finish, it allows the wood to testify. I am sure what you do will fare well. It just seems so civilized!

  3. Wonderful choices. I’d love to hear more about the ceiling install and more tips and tricks for that. I want to tackle some here and don’t know how to check to see what I should nail into.

  4. any issues with your walls being uneven? If so how did you compensate when installing the tile? Added extra thinset in some spots/less in other?

    1. Hi Monika!!

      We tore the shower down to the studs, put down a layer of osb, then Hardie Backer, and finally tile. Being so new, it was even. However, the slate floor tiles vary slightly in thickness , so we pushed down on the higher end. Seemed to work! As long as your heights are about 1/8 inch off, it’s easy to fix. Wider grout lines help, too.


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