Sealed With a Kiss

V is so excited for his class Valentine’s day party.  We’re packaging up pencils, Hershey Kisses, and Tootsie Rolls for each classmate.  And each bag is ‘sealed’ with a kiss.


He has been talking about seals for the past month or so, so it seemed perfect for this little punny sticker.  If you like it, you can print your own set.


I printed mine on a full sticker sheet, then used a paper cutter to separate each.  I left the personalized notes out for these photos, but here’s the matching card.


Happy early Valentine’s day!  Do you have any special plans?

2 thoughts on “Sealed With a Kiss

  1. So adorable! I’m going to save these for next year, I will be out of town Wednesday/Thursday so I had to get my ducks in a row 😉 We are taking the kids to see the Lego Movie at the theatre for V-day, they’re so excited!

    I did the ‘glad we’re in the same school’ swedish fish idea this year for his classmates and ‘love you a latte’ for the teachers.

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