Art Vs. Clutter

Perhaps Spring cleaning has gotten into me, but I want to declutter.  Nothing is safe.  I’ve looked around and realized I accumulate a lot of stuff. Of course, I like it when I buy it.  Then it serves a purpose, I get bored, and change things up.  I went on a house wide rampage, putting everything I didn’t like, have a use for, or questioned keeping in a box.  The basement is now a hoarders paradise or the makings of a garage sale.


I’ve found this allows me to really focus on the stuff I do like and not feel buried by or in things.  While I love cute little things and art, they often group together to look like junk.  So I’m making myself a promise not to buy things I don’t absolutely love or need.  Including, but not limited to decorative accessories, pillows, art, and kitchen ware.  Now I can focus on the things I do love.  Like these map art pieces.  They’ve floated around here, but I like them stacked together in this nook best.


Eventually, we plan to add benches beneath the window to make a long, wall to wall seat.


I’m not sure why, but I love how it feels to have art closer to the floor.  It feels cozier.  The fig covers part of the lower, but it’s just a nice layerd effect.


On the sides of the entertainment center, I’d love to create large art on these two foot by three foot canvases.


Neutrals, but light enough to balance the dark cabinetry.


For another simple art piece, I’ve found the perfect spot for this rusted saw.


My father in law gave it to us.  He’s had it for 30 plus years, since he found it in the garage of the first house he bought.  It’s meant to be a two person saw; the handle on the bottom is completely missing along with the wood for the top piece.  I’d love to make a stand for it to rest in to set on the shelf above the television.  Something simple like the driftwood pedestal.


Of course, this will be much heavier to prevent tipping.  It’ll be a nice swap from the art and accessories I’ve had up there.  One more rustic thing for the house, too.  FIL is happy about this change.

6 thoughts on “Art Vs. Clutter

  1. I’m a new reader and love your blog! I love the way you write- too. Keep up the inspiring posts!

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