Put it on a Pedestal

Sometimes, putting a completely ordinary item on a pedestal transforms it into a sculpture.  A shell, log slice, or in this case, a piece of driftwood.


I’ve had a love affair with driftwood for a while now.  This fall, I collected several pieces from my father-in-law’s ranch to make something.  I drilled several tea light holes in this large piece to create a centerpiece.  Usually it stays on the patio table, but I brought it in to take this picture.


After seeing Dr. Vogel’s giant sculpture, I really wish I hadn’t drilled the candle holes in that piece.


It could have looked really neat as a similar large sculpture.  Instead, I used a smaller piece from my collection along with a 1/4 inch oak dowel and a scrap of 2 by 4.


After sanding the board, I measured 2 inches from each end and center on the wood before drilling holes.  Then, I set the driftwood on the board and made marks to line up with the holes.  With the holes drilled, I put the dowel in and made a mark where I wanted each cut.


Wood glue securely holds the dowels in the holes, and then I painted the base white.  A little more glue in the driftwood and I’ve got a sweet little sculpture.


It’s interesting and different from all angles, which is really fun.


I thought it would stay in the guest room, but I really like it on the shelf above the bar.


It’s a reminder of a fun day spent with our family.  And adds a lighter object to break up the books and picture frames.


I’d love to find another large piece to make an oversized sculpture.  Not sure where it’d go right now, but I’d find a place.  For items you can’t or don’t want to drill into, epoxy would work well, too.  Just be sure your base is heavier than your display item so it won’t tip.  Do you have anything on a similar pedestal?  What do you think of this easy way to display simple items?

15 thoughts on “Put it on a Pedestal

  1. I love this idea! You’re right about it lightning up a display with books and heavier items. I really like bringing in natural elements and this method makes a standout sculpture!

  2. Great idea! I’m very inspired by your style. Also, I love the art collection you have on the wall above this project. Do you have a post dedicated to that particular project? I ❤ birdies

  3. I love this. i have a piece of driftwood and there’s nothing special about it but *I* like it! I guess I should spiff it up somehow to make it look art-y-er 🙂

    I think I remember you talking about it before but where did you get that nest/egg silhouette? I think I want one!

    1. Hi Jen!

      The nest/egg art is by Jessica Alpern, but I can’t find her Etsy shop. 😦 I’d be happy to create a custom print for you to get a similar effect. 🙂


      1. hers was cut paper, right? I’m gonna keep you in mind. I wanted 3 eggs, and trolled etsy for an hour yesterday and didn’t find the one. Thanks!

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