Thrifty Treasures

Can I complain about the weather for a minute?  I’m so, so sick of winter.  Last week we had decent weather and a teaser of spring.  Loved it, so I went thrifting.  But yesterday, woke up to 10 inches of fresh powder.  To top it off, I wasn’t able to drive up the steep, snow-covered roads to get back home after dropping V off at school.  Yes, school.  Still in session, haven’t missed a day this year due to weather.  Spring, you really can’t get here soon enough.  I’m sure I’m not the only one sick of this, so feel free to vent here.

Okay, back to the fun stuff; the thrifty finds during the afore-mentioned nice weather.  My black thumb is slowly getting greener by the day, so I’ve been stocking up on cute, cheap planters.  I painted this dollar dimpled one white, but it was brown with orange spots.  My low light loving Philodendron seems quite content on the bar, sprouting two new leaves.


At another favorite shop I spotted this open sugar bowl.  Kind of reminds me of a trophy, and I think it will make a darling vase.


But it also looks cute and happy on the mantel, even without flowers.


As I neared the checkout, I spied this twin sized 100% wool blanket.  I debated getting it because really, I need a throw blanket like I need a hole in my head.  But, it was discounted by 20% so it cost $30.  V and E said we needed it.  For now, it’s keeping us warm in the living room, sometimes all four of us at a time.


Based on all the bright green in the room now, you’d think spring was here.  Nope, I’m willing it to hurry up.


Once it finally arrives and I swap our bedding, I think the wool blanket will be nice for cooler nights.  This eagle blanket was awesome, too, but $50.

Eagle Blanket at Thrift Store

I ogle this bison print every time I’m there, but at $220, it’s probably not going to happen.

Bison Drawing at Thrift Store

This giant $45 bowl would be the perfect fruit bowl for us, seeing as we usually have three smaller ones out.  Costco quantities.

Large Wooden Bowl at Thrift Store

Cute little wooden bowls, too.

Wooden Bowls at Thrift Store

Back at Goodwill I found two more interesting planters.  A plastic geometric pot and a short, wider grooved brass one.  For three dollars total, they are mine.


I planted my Thanksgiving succulents and cacti in the brass planter for a dining table centerpiece.


Though this isn’t a thrifted find, I am so excited about our new art print in the hall bath.


It’s Navy Geo by Britt Bass and I’m obsessed with it.


Perfect colors for our white, gray, navy, and coral bath.

12 thoughts on “Thrifty Treasures

  1. This weather is KILLING me. Not a day about the 20’s for the foreseeable future. #MichiganProblems

    I love all your thrifting finds!! I always feel so great after I come back from a deal finding extravaganza! 😀

    1. Hey Mary!

      It seems like this winter will never end, right? We’re supposed to get 8 or so more inches today with high chances for more this weekend. We officially have the snowiest February on record.

      It’s kind of sad how excited I get over some thrift finds. Like someone told me I won the lottery. 🙂


    1. Hey Myssie!

      I’m so glad I ‘splurged’ on that blanket. It’s big enough for all of us to use on the couch, and a nice extra blanket for cold nights. 🙂 Fingers crossed winter decides to leave us, the sooner, the better!


  2. I live in Atlanta.. ya know, the place the nation laughed at for our two inches of snow? But dude, I’m really tired of winter. It has snowed TWICE this winter. It’s never snowed twice in one winter since I’ve been born! My son is in first grade and they’ve had six snows days this year! We just can’t drive when it’s icy out. I’m so tired of being confined to my house on those days. C’mon spring! #southernprobs

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