Lap it Up

We had a wild and crazy weekend filled with siding projects.  Aren’t you jealous?  Friday afternoon, Ben finished installing the siding above the garage.  I caught him creeping outside the window. Friday-Night-Siding-Install Everything above the garage, to the peak, is lap siding.  Below will be corrugated rust steel, which we’ll install once the siding has been painted. Lap-Siding-Garage-End-Finished White, paintable metal pieces cover the ends of each board. Lap-Siding-Garage-End-Installed On the corners and edges, we used the same trim as the windows for the siding to butt into.  These pieces, along with the soffit and fascia, will get covered with dark gray paint. Lap-Siding-Corner-Deatil On Saturday morning, while we ate breakfast, we watched several hot air balloons take off and land. Hot-Air-Balloons After that, we went to work installing vented soffits. Lap-Siding-and-Vented-Soffit After that, I set out to caulk all the seams around the windows to be sure water can’t get behind the siding.  I followed up with two coats of trim paint to cover the caulking. Lap-Siding-and-Window-Detail We bought a few gallons of Mined Coal exterior paint from Behr to get started on edging. Lap-Siding-Cutting-in-with-Gray Lap-Siding-Finished-on-Back As usual, we’ve still got several steps to go before we can declare it finished.  Even then, we’ll still have to install the corrugated steel.  At least those are big sheets. Lap-Siding-On-Back-of-House More than anything, I’m looking forward to having a finished, not patched exterior.

10 thoughts on “Lap it Up

  1. I am really loving how your house is coming along. Question: can we get wider views of the house’s exterior? I’m having trouble picturing how it’s all coming together with the siding 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren!

      So far we’ve only gotten the back and garage side. Once we’re finished I’ll share some overall shots. There’s so much crap in the way that it’s hard to get a wide shot. BUT, I’ll share more as we make progress. 😊


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