Striped Sack

You know that free chair I got earlier this month?  Yeah, this one.  Also known as the three-legged wonder.  So I don’t actually call it that (just made it up, in fact), because that would be weird.  TLW just got a very quick new seat.


If it looks like an old flour or grain sack design, it should.  Wanting to add more rustic elements, especially in the colorful guest room, I thought a the simple design was perfection.  Before starting, I gathered my supplies and inspiration.  To make a more authentic grain sack knock off, I searched images until I found a pattern I loved.  It happens to be this grain sack pillow featured on The Cavender Diary.  Four black simple stripes in varying widths.

To complete this I used a scrap of natural linen (ironed first), Frog Tape, a yard stick, pencil, black craft paint, and a natural bristle brush.


To get started, I found the center of my fabric and made a mark at the top and bottom-where the lines would not be seen.  From those center marks, I measured my stripes.  My two middle stripes are 1/4 inch wide and 1/4 inch apart.  The two outermost lines are 1/2 inch wide.  At first, I started cutting down pieces of tape to make the narrow bands.  Then I wised up and taped off only one stripe at a time.


For a varied look, I dipped the brush in paint, dabbed some off, and then painted between the taped lines.  Once that section dried, I pulled off the tape and moved to the next row.  After all four, I had my finished design.


The old fabric reeked of cigarette smoke, so I pulled it (and another layer underneath) off before attaching my new piece.  Because I have only two hands (dammit, Gadget arms, work!) I centered my lines and taped each side to keep it in place when I flipped it.


Several staples on each side and two in each corner and I attached it to the frame again.  I saw past the broken leg because I loved the cute back so much.  Using a basic pattern (versus the detailed crewel fabric) better compliments the back.


It looks mighty charming in the room, if I do say so myself.


Just realized, this too is a completely free project because I used left over fabric and supplies from other projects.  Even the chair was free.

6 thoughts on “Striped Sack

  1. We must be on the same wavelength. Thanks for showing us this chair Reno. I thought of doing something similar but I’m not as clever as you art wise but wondered if a French stylr tea towel with the stripe on it would do the trick? was after that French provincial rustic look as well. Looks fantastic.

    1. Hello kazg10,

      As long as the towel is somewhat thick, I say go for it. Obviously, thicker will hold up better. Make sure it doesn’t have a lot of stretch, either.


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