Green Goodness

Finally I feel like I’m making progress with our plantings.  With the exception of the areas closest to the house, I’m almost done adding plants to the front.  At least the half that borders the house and deck.  I still have to deal with the expanse between the driveway and road.


I’ve been good about following my plan.  Want to see what I’ve finished so far?  Here’s the front edge of the bocce court, looking toward the driveway:


And looking back the other direction:


I find I’m most attracted to structured gardens with a variety of plants.  In this area alone, there are 8 different plants.


As with most purchased plants, they’re on the smaller side right now.  Hopefully they’ll mature and fill in the areas between.


Just off the front steps, I’ve added three Russian Sage plants.  The colors are great and smell fantastic.


Along the walkway, I chose a row of 11 boxwoods for year round greenery.  A few drought tolerant yarrow are there and have already started to spread a little.


In the back, I still have a lot of work to do.  But, I did start a row of 13 Foerster’s reed grass I found for 3 bucks each at Lowe’s.


Maybe next year they’ll look more like a native grass, sprouting the tops.


Come fall and cooler temps, I’d love to make more progress out here.  At any rate, it’s a step toward the results I’m aiming for.

5 thoughts on “Green Goodness

  1. Looking good! We purchased our house last March and put in just a few plants last year, but after winter this year they doubled! I am sure next year all of your plantings will be very full and beautiful!

    Planting in the yard makes me so hopeful already for winter to pass and spring to come. I love knowing I will get to see my plants return and that they’ll be bigger and better than the year before. (Although, did I just rush myself through two season?! Ha ha.)

  2. It looks very good! I don’t remember if you put in a drip system. Just keep those babies watered for at least the first two months. I’ve been too busy to water plants much here and we are way too dry. I think I’m going to lose some unless we get enough rain pronto.

    Congratulations, you are making lots of headway.

  3. Hi Amanda,

    Was wondering if anything special was done under the rocks that were laid. We have a similar slope in our front yard, but it’s only dirt =/ I love how it looks with the rocks and was wondering if anything special needs to be done prior to laying the rocks down. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Lupe!

      We laid down landscaping fabric and plastic first. Then, on hills we used larger rocks (think 6 or more inches in diameter) as a stabilizing base layer. To fill in cracks, we added chips for full coverage.

      The bigger rocks and boulders you use, the more stable it will be.

      Hope that answers your questions.


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