Kinda, Sorta Landscape

You know I love about making my art?  I don’t feel bad when I get sick of it and want a change.  Which is exactly what happened with the ampersand I painted for our master bathroom.


It was fine, and filled the wall okay.  But it was elementary and rather boring after a while.  Using the same canvas, I set out to paint a very loose, abstract landscape.  Here’s how it started:


Too bright, and almost as boring as the ampersand.  I waited a day to be sure I didn’t like it (I didn’t) and focus on what would make it look better.  More muted colors, different proportions of the darker ‘mountain’ areas, and more blending.  So, here’s the same landscape, version 2.0.


Not terribly different, but different enough that I like it.  Now to frame it out.  Maybe with pine 1 by 2 lumber, like I’ve done before.  Or just maybe with some of my cedar pile.


It’s a bright, colorful spot against the dark walls.


Having all the supplies and reusing the canvas means it was a free project, too.  Hooray!


I left some texture in the sky and grass, which I really like.


Not too bad for a few hours of painting.

When brainstorming ideas, I thought about getting another engineer print done.  This time, of the hot air balloons we saw last month.


Being in a bathroom, with excess moisture/steam, I’d have to frame it behind glass.  Maybe it’ll still happen, even if in another room.  Engineer prints come in black and white only.  I think it’d be fun to color over the balloons so it’d look something like this:


I do need large art to flank the entertainment center.


With just a little color, and a lot of contrast, cutting the above image in half could make a cool diptych type set.  Not sure yet, but I really like the idea.  Assuming coloring over the print would work well…  What art have you covered over?  Any fun engineer print projects you’ve tackled?

9 thoughts on “Kinda, Sorta Landscape

  1. Love the bathroom art. I may want to try something on canvas one of these days…I paint a lot of furniture, but never a canvas. You’ve inspired me! It looks great against the dark wall. 🙂

  2. Why don’t you try photos printed on metal. I had 2 vacation scenes printed at a 50% sale from Unbelievably vibrant and sharp!!! Most importantly, WATERPROOF!!

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