Lego My Legos

How about a riddle?  What is small, has sharp edges, hurts when stepped on, but kids love to play with?  I suppose many toys fall into this category, but around our house, the answer is Legos.  Always Legos.  In the past year or so, both boys have jumped on the Lego train, much like the Dauntless from Divergent.  Can’t say I blame them.  Legos encourage creativity and keep kids entertained for hours.  Now that we’ve established a storage and organization system, we’re all happy.

A quick internet search will show hundreds of Lego storage systems: sorted by color, size, etc., but this is what works for us.  It’s super involved and highly advanced.  Be warned.

One drawer in the entertainment center holds all things Lego.  Four shoe sized plastic bins hold extra pieces as well as built kits.

Lego-Organization-in-DrawerSeparating smaller pieces and minifigs into clear lidded plastic containers has saved us all much hassle.  I found these in the Target dollar spot last year.  More often than not, the big bin of Legos got dumped and spread all over the floor to find a specific piece.  For the boys, this was annoying to have to dig through the pile.  I was sick of having a mess on my floor, stepping on tiny daggers.


Want Kai, he’s right there, with the rest of the Nijago crew.  Probably battling neighboring Nindroids while we’re asleep.


Need a connector piece?  Check in the connector compartment.  To further organize small pieces, I separated into four groups.  Connectors, single small pieces, single and special double bricks, and minifig accessories.


Instruction booklets are kept in reach in a metal tin.  Close by, but not in with the rest to get lost or pages pulled out.


I think it would be cute to get one larger clear container to display stored guys, standing upright.

They can keep it in their room, but when they’re not playing, they can see their collection.  If (more likely, when) their collection grows, further organizing smaller parts in a hinged divider box could work really well, too.

Along with the large coffee table for building, this simple system has made Lego life more enjoyable.  Most importantly, this sorting makes sense to the boys.

7 thoughts on “Lego My Legos

  1. Smart! I like how they are separated. Ours are currently all mixed up together in 2 large wooden boxes that slide under the lego tables. Every time they need something they dump the boxes out and they get lost in the extra long shag carpeting that the previous owners installed. That makes for super fun vacuuming as I vacuum up tons of “lost” Legos constantly.

    1. Hey Jessie,

      I didn’t know how it would work for us at first. After seeing color coded storage I figured it was worth a shot. After the boys and I sorted the pieces, I explained the system. So far, it’s been good.

      I know a few people with the Swoop bags and swear by them. A DIY version wouldn’t be too hard either. I like that the Legos can be spread out, but still contained for easy pick up.


  2. Ugh. I would love to have a Lego system that worked…we have tried by color, by size…my son doesn’t keep any of it separated. Now we have 2 bins full of legos, just all thrown in together. But worst is that both my son and daughter want to display their huge sets of completed legos. We have a 3 shelf unit in the family room full of lego, and a coffee table with a lego village set up in the bonus room…I would love ideas on how to display a lot of large lego pieces…without having them take over my whole house.

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