Construction Chic

Bing, bang, boom, we’ve got a door in our bedroom.  Wow, that sounds very Dr. Seuss.  I guess that’s bound to happen when I’m around little people all day.


As long as we’ve got half-finished projects, I’m going to refer to it as ‘construction chic.’  As in, “Oooh la la, look at those fancy exposed shims!  It’s tres construction chic.”  Anyway, I’m almost certain I’ve mentioned our plan to replace the old window with a sliding door.


These old windows were on their last leg.  Barely able to open, fogged up, and peeling.


Wanting to take full advantage of the best views in the house, we settled on a sliding patio door and narrow balcony combo.  In my dream world, French doors, but the space doesn’t allow for a door swing.  From hole in the wall:


Onto a framed in hole in the wall:


Finally to a full door.


Adding 4 inches of insulation to the exterior bumps out every window and door.  Windows get deeper sills, and doors, well, they get transition strips.  Filling the gap isn’t difficult.  I’ll have to stain and seal a strip of oak that we can nail in place.


Totally worth it to be able to see mountains while still laying in bed.  Even if it has been a sort of hazy.


As a trade-off, we obviously have less privacy.  In terms of window coverings, I think I’ll treat the door just as I would a window.  Functional floor length curtains are my favorite.  Blinds are annoying to me; can’t stand the cords.


Outside, things are looking equally ‘construction chic’ despite the sun making the painted gray look primer beige.


The ladder scaffolding standing in for the balcony is stunning.  You know what else looks hot?  Four different materials in this section of the front.  Keepin’ it classy, Montana.


Along the bottom, Ben hung a rim joist, which the rest of the 3 foot deep balcony will extend from.  Above that, a gap for the decking boards and a small space before the siding starts.  Next step, caulking seams and then paint.  Replacing the bathroom window (the one between the two doors) and hanging steel must happen before we can build the balcony.  Until then, we’ve got the door locked and a tension rod up top so little humans can’t fall out.


With the front sections so broken up, it’s easier to focus on and get one chunk done at a time.  Compared to the back and garage sides, this feels quick.  At least to me.  I’m only responsible for fetching tools and holding pieces when necessary.

7 thoughts on “Construction Chic

    1. Hello JoAnne!

      Thanks so much! The room feels so different now, in the best way possible. Slowly but surely, we’re making progress. Even if we do have some construction chic in the meantime.


  1. This is EXACTLY what I want to do to our master bedroom!!! Wait until I show the Mr., although he will probably ground me from blogs for a while. Haha! I love it! I would lock the door and lie in my bed with a cup of coffee.

      1. Haha! He should be used to all my crazy ideas by now. I absolutely love the way it opens things up…..and that view!!! I actually showed it to him and you want to know how I convinced him it was a good idea? I told him it would make it so much easier to let the chickens out in the morning. He could just go out the sliding door in his jammies, open up the coop, and run right back to bed. I think he’s on board now! Haha!

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