3 thoughts on “Unfinished-Bed-No-Headboard

  1. What about trimming it down…the bench…maybe angling the corners so it’s not quite the hazard to stumble around in the dark? I like the idea, myself, but of course, it’s not my bed! We recently bought a platform bed with drawers underneath…it is quite high off the floor, which we really like, and the added storage is amazing. I love the idea that we will never again need to buy box springs ;). I can’t imagine, as handy as you both are, that you couldn’t build something like that and love it as much as we do, at 1/3 the price! And it has a beautiful tall-ish, squared corner headboard which is perfect for leaning pillows up against. Our old headboard was a curvy, spindled thing that was lovely but less than functional for holding pillows up, Anyway, keep dreaming; you’ll come up with a perfect solution!

    1. Hi Nancy!

      Surprisingly, the bench hasn’t been an issue for either of us, as far as bumping into it.

      In our last house, with a much smaller bedroom and closet, we built a bed similar to what you’ve now got. We loved it, but don’t need more storage space here. That’ll only give us more room to keep crap we don’t need. 🙂 Isn’t it so nice to not need boxsprings?!? Love it!


      1. Well that’s a good thing…no bruised shins and swear words in the dark of the night 😉 I must’ve missed the old bed. I “came onboard” when you all were re-doing your kitchen in your last house. And true, you have far more space now than you did then. I enjoy seeing all your upgrades to your current home. You are bringing it out of the, what? 80’s? We bought our current home and totally wiped the 80’s out of it…grapevine wallpaper, sponge-painted walls, etc. But I love re-doing things so it’s been a fun 8 years…and I really enjoy seeing what others do. Keep up the good work! You’re terribly creative!

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