Dream vs. Reality

Have you ever had an idea, and in your head, you can picture exactly how you want it?  And then you start working and it looks like crap compared to your dream version?  If you said yes, you’re not alone.  That’s precisely the story with the bed frame we built for our king size bed.


We thought a cantilever design would look cool and simple.  Something along the lines of this frame:

Though the extra wide sides seemed like a great way to bruise our calves and shins.  Everything else, we loved.  Great, let’s build!  With so much open space opposite the bed, we lengthened the foot to accommodate an upholstered bench.  After finishing most of the frame, we brought it in to use.


It’s completely functional, but clearly looks only vaguely like our inspiration.  Hashtag projectfail.  Perhaps if the platform were thicker or the base shorter (maybe both), it would look better?


Not that it matters because neither Ben or I are happy with the results.  To make it worse, we haven’t finished it and probably never will.  Hence the lack of headboard and blank bench.


What it lacks in looks it makes up for in functionality.  Without a doubt, it’s better than the too tall, floppy headboard and rolling metal frame combo we had before.


With other irons in the fire, ahem, siding, we can’t justify the project right now.  That can’t stop me from dreaming and figuring out what I do want.


Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

23 thoughts on “Dream vs. Reality

  1. I think that it looks nice in your room. If you finished the bench/headboard, you could also add a small trunk onder the bench. The trucnk might make it feel like the base is deeper and still give you functional space.

      1. Could you just slide the mattress
        Forward so that there isn’t so much of the platform exposed at the end? I really like it also. I love modern rustic and I think you’re accomplishing that in this room!

        1. Hello Heather!

          That would be a great way to see if we’d like it without the bench. 🙂 It just looks awkward in the room as it is. Maybe because it’s unfinished. Or because it really is awkward. 🙂


  2. What about it don’t you like? I mean, I totally understand when you have an idea in your head and then it doesn’t match up with what you build. I’m just curious what you had in mind that was different from the way it turned out. I actually think it’s cool, the minimal, floating look is definitely achieved. Maybe you could finish out the bench with a thin pad, maybe even just a mat, a textural rug-type runner that doesn’t overhang the sides.

    1. Hey Amanda!

      It just feels…off. It could help to get rid of the bench entirely. And maybe add a thicker piece around the platform, to make it look more substantial. With a headboard, it might feel put together and finished. We’ll have to see once we finish more of the room. I still have plenty of work to do in there. 🙂


  3. What if you painted the base a similar color to the wall or floor so it appears that the bed is floating? Or maybe some basket style storage underneath the bench?

  4. I am thinking along the same lines as Leslie. Storage underneath via baskets or maybe even book or magazine storage. Things you want to keep but don’t need to use often. Maybe a darker color all over? I thought it might be like a freshly painted room – at first it’s like what have I done and then after a few days – Look what I’ve done! I like it!

    You’ll figure it out. Good luck with the siding. Your house is definitely turning into a beautiful swan.

  5. I think part of the issue is that inspiration bed is sunken into the frame, while yours is sitting on top. It isn’t nestling in properly. But it’s really not that bad. Try working with it before you pitch it. After the siding, of course. That’s a full time job.

    1. Hey Jessie!

      Great point! That’s one of my issues, too. Especially because the sheets and blankets are different widths, so it’s hard to make the bed to look nice. Recessing the mattress a few inches would help solve that problem.


  6. Try and put mirrors on the bottom part of it. I’ve seen some other beds like that and they appear to be floating. It cant hurt. I know the idea sounds straight 80s, but I’ll try and find a picture.

    1. Hi Stephiez!

      I know what you mean. 🙂 It would help it look like it’s floating. We’ll have to see. Maybe a few other easier changes (cutting off the bench and adding a thicker band around the mattress) would help. We’ve got time to decide, since the siding is a big task.


  7. Maybe white isn’t the right color here, it looks plastic from the picture, because it’s so perfect. Maybe add some of the same wood you put on your wall, vertical or horizontal would warm it up. Maybe a warmer or darker color. Anyway you and your husband did a professional looking job.

  8. I think the bench part looks too wide/comes out too much, and overall it is too tall. I also agree with Pam that maybe white isn’t the best colour for it. I think maybe you need a much bigger room for that style of platform bed to look proportionate.

  9. I think the bed is great-for me the grey walls are really throwing it off-I think if they were bright white it all would work-really well done-I think it looks great!!

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