Door Another Day

Another day gone by, another door installed.  Shaking up the dining room.


Before, we had a sagging, unable to open, bay window.  It was big at 8 feet wide and 5 1/5 feet tall, but the grids broke up the view.


Almost immediately after moving in, we knew we wanted to swap the window for a sliding door.  Once we rebuild the rotting deck, we’ll extend a walkway to the edge.


Nearly the same size (only 15 inches closer to the floor), it feels so open now.


Having two four-foot wide sections of glass versus 45 small panes makes a world of difference.


As with our new bedroom door, we’ve hung curtains on either side of the door; essentially treating it like a window.


I think my plants will love this brighter, sunny spot.


Seeing as we just installed the door this weekend, we have finishing work left to do.  Like a stained wood threshold, door casings, trim, and paint.


To install the remaining lap siding on the front of the house, we moved the window installing operation to the dining room.


Now the house is ‘bookended’ by doors.  Our bedroom on the right and dining on the left end.  Lovely little pattern of doors and windows.


Unlike the back and garage ends of the house, the front will have more steel than lap siding.  To add more interest and break up the length of the house, we have decided to wrap the bumped out areas in steel.  We’ll also carry the steel around the bottom, matching the garage end.


Basically, it’ll look something like this obviously rough Photoshopped version:


And with decks with privacy style railings, maybe something like this:

Also, how hot are dark bands around the decks?  Might have to steal that idea, too.

19 thoughts on “Door Another Day

  1. This looks amazing, I just love following your progress on your home. You and your husband’s DIY skills are incredible!

  2. Looks better already! Could I trouble you guys for a simple floor layout after you finish all of the new walkways/door additions? I can sort of imagine it in my head, but it’s been getting harder with all the work being done!

  3. I do not care for the steel. It’s fine along the back, but the front of your house is calling for something more simple, I think! There is already a lot going on! More gray siding would be great.

    1. Hi Jessie!

      In some ways, I think you’re 100% right. There’s a lot going on with the front of the house and more gray siding would look nice. That said, we really like the look and function of the steel on the lower sections. It’s super durable, requires almost no maintenance, and can go completely down to the rocks below. But, the bumped out areas have us reconsidering. It’s too heavy looking there. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your honest opinions! It’s nice to get outside advice.


  4. Are you swapping out the mullioned living room window too? And I agree with Jessie above…it seems like a little TOO much steel on the front of the house, to me. Especially the lower half all steel. It makes me think of a trailer…in my area the skirting on a mobile home is often corrugated steel.

    1. Hello Jenw!

      Yes, we still have the three windows on the lower level and two on the upper to replace, including the mullioned living window.

      After looking at the photoshopped example more, I totally agree. Ben and I have waffled on it several times. The lower half will still be steel because it’s durable and we can bring it all the way down to the rock. But, we are talking about other options. 🙂 Hopefully it’ll look nicer than a mobile home when we’re done. 😉


  5. I bet you are getting so excited! There is a lot of progress being made, and it’s already looking so good architecturally. I think adding more steel to the front is actually a great idea, but maybe just adding it to the door area and siding the bump out with the paned window? I seriously love that you are using steel for the siding. ❤

    1. Hi Hevel House!

      Oh you know it! More than anything, it’ll be nice to move on to something else. It’s nice to see the progress here, but it’s so time consuming and redundant.

      The problem with doing steel around the front door is that there really isn’t much around it. There’s about six inches on one side and a foot or so above the window. The rest will all be trimmed out. I’m working on some revisions. 🙂


  6. I knew something was off with the steel, but jenw pinpointed it with the “trailer” comment. It does look a trailer. I’m sure that isn’t the look you are going for! I think your house has loads of potential with siding and stone. But the long, narrow shape of it makes steel a little too traileresque for my comfort!

  7. Your blog isn’t showing any new posts in my Feedly reader so I didn’t realize you’ve been blogging for the past 2 weeks. 😦 Any idea what’s wrong?

  8. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, and now check up regularly. It’s so inspiring how much you have done! It gives me some hope for my own, plain, dilapidated home. I especially love the diy furniture stuff you do – I’m attempting my first reupholstering of a midcentury modern chair soon! Eek!

    1. Hello and welcome, Melanie!

      There’s always hope to give an old home some fun and functional updates! 🙂 New paint and trim (if your home has tiny baseboards and casement) can make even basic rooms feel updated.

      Check out the book Spruce by Amanda Brown. It has step by step instructions on reupholstering. And shows the process on several different pieces/styles of furniture. Have fun! It’s so rewarding to look back at a finished product and know you did that.


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