Room and Board

Certain rooms feel like the come together quickly and with very little effort.  Things magically fall into place.  Our living room is the polar opposite.  We’ve got a plan for how we want the finished room to look, but getting there has been a struggle.  Honestly, finding furniture that fits our style, budget, and room, but is also comfortable seems impossible.  Our sofa situation is a perfect example.  Looks right, but wasn’t comfortable so we returned it.


I’ve found a few decent pieces thrifting, but something is still off.


Our limited store selection doesn’t make this any better.  Yes, I realize I could shop online, but I’d rather sit/feel/touch before I take the plunge.  All that to say, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of small-ish chairs for the living room.  Or one slightly wider chair to take up a little more space.  Something comfy, upholstered.  The kind of chair you’d curl up in to read a book.

Apparently a pair of chairs is as easy to find as a unicorn snacking on a field of four leaf clovers.  So I started thinking perhaps I could keep the one chair and find/build it a brother from another mother chair.  Kind of like the set on the left side of this image:


(Sorry, I don’t know the source because I took a screen shot on my phone.)  I brought over a metal and black vinyl sling chair to get an idea.


What if I made a similar style chair, but with the same proportions as the other?  I didn’t have much faith I could find what I had in mind.  And worried I’d make something that would crash down if an adult sat in it.


A day later, I stumbled on the perfect slightly oversized upholstered chair in a consignment shop.


I sat in it and felt like Goldilocks.  This chair was juuuust right.  I lifted the cushions to make sure everything was in good shape.  I almost choked when I saw the tag on the seat:


It’s from Room and Board!  I have no idea how old it is, but it looks like the Jasper chair.  Instead of a $699 price tag, this was only 40 dollars!  I snatched the tagged cushion and nearly ran to the checkout to claim it right away.  The nubby tan fabric looked a little mustard yellow under the stores flourescent lights, but in our room, it looks pretty nice.  Even if it does remind me of an old mens coat with leather elbow patches.


Just not with our current sofa.  Which is okay, because this one was intended to stay in the family room.


I’m sure finding the perfect couch won’t be an easy task.  That can wait until we find the one.


I’m just happy this new addition adds little heft to that side of the room.


Feels like the perfect reading chair.  For myself and the boys.  I’ve already caught them cuddled together reading books.  Finding this chair made me feel like I won the lottery.  Our living room thanks me.

6 thoughts on “Room and Board

  1. Have you looked in Urban Barn? They have a couch sort of like the one in the picture. Probably a bit pricey, but when I sat in it, it was super comfy. Oh, and I think if you changed out the heavy curtains for more lightweight/modern ones, it would help with the look. All the best!

    1. Hello Esther!

      We don’t have an Urban Barn here, but the stuff I just saw online is amazing.

      Once we frame out the windows, I plan to replace the curtains. These ones are a little heavy and not exactly what I want anymore.


  2. I agree, something is off…..the rug? Or how would it look if the new chair and smaller sofa were reversed? And the chair was on more of an angle towards the television?

    1. Hey Amber!

      You’re right about the rug. I’m searching for a larger replacement that will work better in the space.

      I’ve tried swapping the furniture and it feels like too many chairs with it backing up to the dining room. I prefer the division of the spaces when the smaller sofa is against the dining room.


  3. Sweet find! I would have snatched that chair up in a heartbeat! I snagged a thrift store chair last year that I LOVE the lines of, but I still have yet to get it reupholstered….another thing on my never-ending “to-do” list 🙂

    1. Hi Macy!

      I have one of those, too. I’ve learned I’m most likely to finish it right away. If not, I’ll lose steam and it’ll stay that way for months or years. 🙂


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