Concrete Cast Planter

Over the last year or so, I’ve amassed quite the collection of plants.  It’s border line hoarder, to be honest.  I can’t help myself, the cheery green has a way of brightening up a room like nothing else.  When NativeCast reached out to see if I’d be interested in trying one of their CYO (Cast Your Own) Concrete Planter Kits, I said yes.  First off, they’re freaking adorable.  Second, I’ve wanted to make a concrete planter for ages, and this fool-proof kit was a great test run.


Each kit creates a small planter, using a paper mache box as the mold.  Genius!  Part of my issue making my own was finding the perfect container.  Now I’m thinking a cardboard box or two would work wonderfully, though I may be proven wrong once I try.

The kit comes with everything you need: mold, concrete mix, dirt, seeds, a small mixing spoon, and instructions.  You only add a small bit of water.


A certain someone was very excited to mix everything for me.


With the concrete mixed, we pressed it against all sides.


After letting it dry for 24 hours, I used a utility knife to cut away the box.  Inside is a perfectly imperfect, 100% cute pot.


Just add dirt and the seeds.  Right now, I’m waiting for the seeds to sprout.


I’d really love to take this idea to cast a planter large enough for my fiddle leaf fig.  Right now, it’s in a bucket.  It’s not the worst, but I’d like something a with a little more heft and interest.


Repotting it would probably be best, because I can see some roots at the top.  Is this normal?  Or will it cause my tree to die if left alone?


The leaves have looked a little droopy recently, perhaps the small exposed roots are the cause?


I didn’t realize how much it has grown until I saw this picture from March.  That’s about a foot of growth in 8 or so months.


Disclaimer:  I was given a NativeCast CYO Kit to use in our home and review.  All opinions are my own.  We choose products that we use/would like to try and are relevent to our DIY/home improvement content.  Thank you NativeCast for the lovely kit!

3 thoughts on “Concrete Cast Planter

  1. I’m no expert, but I think figs have shallow root systems. I’d check the bottom for roots growing out of the pot to see if it needs to be repotted. I don’t think they like to have too much extra pot space though.
    It may need more bright indirect light than it is getting there.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Check online about re-potting. I seem to remember they like to be root bound (and left alone). Mine has grown about 2feet in the last 10 months. My kids call it the fiddly fig.

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