Floating Night Stands

Why is the master bedroom usually the last finished/decorated room?  Our bedroom was a mixed bag of old furniture, all functional, just not what we liked.


While inoffensive, the Ikea side tables just weren’t the best shape or size.  An off-center window left a little more space on one side of the room, too.  To play nicely with the planked wall, Ben built cedar night stands.


Originally, my plan was a simple double shelf, very similar to our entry console.


After using the entry shelf, I decided I wanted a single shelf, as the lower would be another surface to fill.  I tossed out the idea of a basic shelf with black brackets, but Ben thought it would look off.  We agreed a floating shelf would look great and blend best with the plank wall.  There are many ways to make a floating shelf, but here’s what we did.  For the base, we bought four heavy-duty right angle brackets.  Look for something with a consistent width, as this will determine the shelf spacing.  Mount the brackets into studs with the 90 degree angles to the outsides.


Using scrap cedar, Ben built a hollow, tight-fitting box using the brackets as spacers.


Then, the box frame slides over the brackets.


As a bonus, cords tuck inside the shelf, hiding away the extra length.


My nightstand is 24 inches wide and centered on the area between the bed and wall.  I hung a small square print to add interest to the grouping.


To make up for the slightly wider space on Ben’s side, we built his at 30 inches wide.  It’s mounted the same distance from the bed as mine.  A wider print fills the space nicely.


Now to finish painting the room and get longer curtain panels.


And we should get the outlet properly mounted and covered.  Ahh, there’s always something.

16 thoughts on “Floating Night Stands

  1. Amanda! These are perfect! I love how you are adding a modern touch to all these rustic designs. Absolutely beautiful!

    1. Hey Adrienne!

      Thanks, lovely! And I’m sorry for the feedly issue. I’ve heard the same from a few other people, but don’t see anything on my end that I can change to solve the problem. 😢


  2. Love this idea. I have been wanting something different for our bedroom like this. I will have to show the husband to see if he can make something like this! Thanks for the idea

  3. Love these. We bought a wonderful platform bed with drawers underneath…but what we didn’t think about when buying, was the fact that with regular night stands, we can’t open the drawers under the “head end” of the bed. This winter, my husband is going to build shelves so that we can use those drawers also! Love love love these and will try to convince him to make them like yours!

    1. Hi 3 little hops!

      Ahh yes, the joys of drawers. This would be the perfect solution then. Still get nightstands, but you wouldn’t have to move them to access the drawers.


  4. I love these! Our bed is so high that normal night stands are too short and look dumb. This is the perfect solution! I’m totally showing my husband this. Thanks!

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