Put it on My Tab

Moving on with our master bedroom makeover.  With the new window and door in and trimmed, our old curtains were too short.  This set will work perfectly in the basement, but we needed something else.


I’m no stranger to making curtains, but I wanted to add a little detail: leather tab tops.  While in Minnesota this summer, I found a few scraps of gorgeous cognac toned leather.  Just enough to make my tabs.  Using other supplies Ben had, I was able to finish the job.  I used 1 1/8 inch wide by 7 inch long leather strips, a leather punch, and screw post rivets.


First, I used the punch to make a hole 1/2 inch from the bottom of each end of my leather strips.  Surprisingly, the punch made a clean hole through three layers of my linen panel, too.


Then I put the smooth side of my screw through the leather, then my curtain top, and through the other end of the leather piece.


Rather than basic white linen panels, there’s just a touch of rich leather.


And the way these hang?  Perfect draping.  So much more sleek than the bulky blackout curtains of yore.


Honestly though, the suede backing doesn’t slide super easily.  We’ll live with these a few more days to see how it goes.  I’m thinking I could cut another set of leather strips to add inside.  That way, the smooth side could face the rod, but we’d still have the pretty side to look at.  Any other suggestions to solve this problem?


Yet another simple change, but something I’m crazy about.  Here are my two current favorite elements together.


Baby steps, but we’re nearing the end.

13 thoughts on “Put it on My Tab

  1. I have no idea if this would work…but what about that weatherproofing stuff you can rub on leather boots? Would it make the underside just slippery enough to make it slide? What about ordinary furniture wax?

  2. You are the most creative, thrifty problem solver ever. Please do a blog series where you visit other people’s houses!?? (Ahem, mine)

  3. I’m obsessed with this idea! It’s genius! I’m revamping our master bedroom right now, bc I do that every couple months lol. I’m going to try this on my curtains! You are so creative, it gives me tons of inspiration.

  4. just came across this post…trying a similar idea…the solution to the leather straps sliding , i was thinking of adding rivets on the inner side which would also add an element.. shall post the pics when im done

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