Ding Dong, Siding’s Done

After months of spending weekends replacing windows and installing new siding, we’re finished.  Just before the cold weather hit, allowing us to now focus on indoor remodels.  Update:  Here’s the exterior when we purchased the house.  


It was a mis matched mess of ugly blue stain, natural cedar, missing siding, and old windows.  We’ve since replaced every window and door, as well as new siding.


Currently, the steel has a semi glossy sheen to it.  Nothing that’ll blind the neighbors, but still.


Eventually the steel will rust, creating a contrast.   Because right now the steel is very similar in tone to the lap siding.


As you can see, we decided to cover the bathroom bump out in steel.  Something to add interest and break up the upper section.


It worked out well because we plan to cover the other peaked areas the same way.


Also, the lower section wraps into the bump out near the door.  The back of the pool house is all steel, thanks to the funky angles.  The rest of the pool house, now that’s a different project for spring/summer.


Finally, the section around the garage doors.  It follows the same line, wrapping around from the front.


We’re thankful to have the loose ends tied up.  You know what else we’re thankful for?  Our lovely readers.  To show our appreciation, we’ve partnered up with luxury linen retailer, Frette, to offer one reader a Terry Shawl Collar Robe.

Simply leave a comment on this post to enter!  I’ll announce the winner on Friday.  If you’re also in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving!

75 thoughts on “Ding Dong, Siding’s Done

  1. I love how all the siding came out. I can’t wait to see how it ages (rusts), I’m sure it will look great. Happy Thanksgiving to you and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  2. It looks amazing!! We are just wrapping up an indoor remodel that has taken 4 months. We tackled as much of it ourselves as we could after seeing you tackle your master bath and it turn out beautifully. Our outside work will have to wait until next year now that the snow has settled in.

    1. Hey Angel!

      Thanks, lovely lady! The outside work is tough because you have so many elements to work with and around. Weather can be your best friend or worst enemy. Happy working!!


    1. Hi Adrienne J!

      Ha, I guess it’s bound to happen when you’re real estate freaks and go to open houses and browse online often. 🙂 It was a really relaxed way to go about it.


  3. Aaaah, it looks so good!! How exciting and probably a relief to have the exterior done! It looks even better than I imagined, and I can’t wait to see how it looks when it rusts to a beautiful orange. Do you know what you’re going to do with the front door? Thank you for sharing this with all of us on the internet who don’t have our own house to remodel. 🙂 Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Hello MEL!

      Oh yes, it’s a huge relief. We can finally work on things without waiting for weather to cooperate. We’re not sure on the front door yet. The concern is serious fading and chipping with the exposure to full sun year round. We’ll see where that ends up.


  4. It looks great and I think you made the exact right choice for what to wrap vs what to side. Love the bump out detail!!

    1. Hey Jen!

      I’m guessing it’ll look pretty different a year from now. We’re finalizing kitchen plans and hope to start demo before the new year. You know, go out with a bang. 🙂 Of course we’ll keep you posted on that.


  5. The house looks great! I can’t wait to see how it weathers, too.

    And that robe looks so fluffy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I really like how the house is looking. I think you should add a before picture to this post, just to show what an improvement your new siding is. I love me some before and afters!

  7. I recently found your blog and am truly enjoying the stories your share. Your home is an inspiration for me while I casually search for my “retirement” abode. I love the look of the siding – good job.

  8. How long will it take to rust? And will you be updating with progress posts as it does? I’m very interested in seeing the progression.

    1. Hi Melanie!

      We’re not completely sure. It really depends on the weather. If we get a lot of rain, that’ll speed it up. If it takes too long, we’ll spray with steel to speed it up. Regardless, I’ll keep you posted.


  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you all in the US. I have watched you progress with your home since your purchase and I feel a sense of accomplishment for you. Congrats on your journey so far and I look forward to more inside remodels over your winter.

  10. Wow! Looks amazing! I like that you covered the bump out in the steel- looks great! And what a great giveaway! Hope you guys have a lovely (warm) Thanksgiving!

  11. I couldn’t imagine what your home was going to look like when you finished, but I think it is absolutely beautiful !
    Being born and raised in the south, I have never seen anything like it . Just goes to show you that there is so much more than what is in your own neighborhood. I’m so proud of what you and your husband have accomplished. Keep up the great work!

  12. Looks so wonderful, LOVE the “industrial” feel!! I have been told we have that with our house too. Happy Gobble Gobble Day to your whole family! Best Wishes!

  13. I’d like to enter the contest for the robe! Looks very comfortable. And great job finishing up the outside siding. What a huge job! I will look forward to seeing what it looks like over time.

  14. Wow! It looks amazing! Can’t wait to see what the rusted effect looks like. Wil the siding rust evenly and at the same time and how long does It take to see the full effect? 🙂 And naturally i’d like to enter to win a pretty robe! Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Hello Elvira!

      It probably won’t rust evenly. The areas under the bump outs and eves don’t see as much moisture as the other parts. I’m not exactly sure how long either. I’m a wealth of info today. 😉 We might help speed it up/even it out when our weather is nicer and we’re able to spray it with water. We were told to spray it with salt water to help remove the grease. I plan to follow up as things change.


  15. I can’t believe the incredible view you have! Beautiful house. Congratulations on another “check” on the to-do list!

  16. I’m anxious to see how the bench blends once the steel starts to rust. You guys have way more patience than I to let it rust naturally! 🙂 Is there a “con” to speeding the rust?

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