Green with Envy

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving yesterday.  We ate a lot and I think we laughed even more, so you know it was a good night.  And thank you all for your supportive, nice comments about the finished siding, too.  I plan to share more pictures and info as the siding rusts.  We’re interested to see how long it takes.  Come spring (and warmer weather) we may want to speed up or even out the finish.  Oh, Beth, you’re the winner of the luxurious Frette robe!  Congrats!

Now, to some indoor progress.  Before we could hang our new curtains, I had to fill, caulk, prime, and paint the trim around the windows.  Following Murphy’s Law, my touch up paint didn’t match the wall color.  Mental note: never buy paint at Wal-Mart again.  That lead to buying another custom matched gallon (thanks to the talented paint folks at Home Depot) and painting the window walls all over again.  Eesh.  So much for a quick job.


Anyway, I got it done and then it was curtain time.  I measured the length and hemmed all eight panels about three inches.


For the large front window, I use four panels to get enough width to close completely.


The remaining two windows are narrow enough for one panel on each side.


These World Market curtains have a rod pocket as well as back tabs.  We like the look of tabs better because it allows the panels to bunch nicely when open.


It’s such a welcome addition of color to an otherwise mostly neutral space.


Living without curtains feels a lot like being in a fishbowl.  We’re thankful for privacy and a new look.  And you know, finished windows.  Baby steps.

10 thoughts on “Green with Envy

  1. I’ve been so busy I just caught up my email. I can’t believe I won that beautiful robe! Thanks so much , I can sure use a new one . Oh , by the way , I LOVE the new curtains. They do add that little punch to the room.

  2. Amanda, I just saw on the Frette website what that robe cost and almost had a heart attack . I have never had such a nice robe , so thanks again, I will wear it proudly.

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