Green Velvet

Not to harp on our living room, sad little guy, but it feels lack luster and boring.  Almost completely devoid of color with the exception of plants and a few pillows.  I usually prefer a touch more color.  In addition to framing out the recently replaced windows and adding a new rug (any suggestions?), curtains are on my list.  The dropcloth panels are fine, nothing amazing, but get the job done.  All the gray on gray is getting dreary.

To shake things up, I’ve placed an order for green curtains.  Before pulling the trigger, I photoshopped some color over the current set.  Perhaps an olive toned set?  I know where I can get a similar linen.


Deeper, almost emerald could look nice?


Or cheery kelly green…


Then I saw these green velvet panels at World Market.

At $35 per panel, they’re cheaper than I could make.  Sign me up for skipping sewing large panels!  Seriously, I loathe sewing curtains.  Cumbersome pain in the butt they are.

Online, the color didn’t get me too excited.  So, I stopped in our store to take a look and walked out with six 84″ panels.  Including the floor model.  Cleared them out.  At home, I tossed one over the rod to get a better peek.


Other than the panels being a few inches short, I’m diggin’ it.


I’d say the color is less deep green than the description and more leafy green.  Very similar to my fiddle leaf fig, actually.


I’ve already placed an order for eight 96 inch panels (need four to cover the front window) and have returned the original six.  Hopefully they’ll arrive in a few weeks and we’ll have a happy new look.  Just in time to offset the winter blues.

10 thoughts on “Green Velvet

  1. Nice green, I think it will look nice. Wow that’s quite an investment, no wonder you did the drop cloths. Funny I just bought two drop cloths from home depot to do this very thing.

    1. Thanks, Alison! Curtains can get crazy expensive. In fact, for 8 panels, this is pretty affordable. Some single panels can cost as much as our total! Crazy business. Happy sewing with your dropcloths! 🙂


  2. Love the palate that’s shaping up in the living room; I think the green really frames the view nicely. Just as an FYI, I had these same curtains (green velvet from World Market) and they fade in the sun pretty badly after just a short amount of time. Would definitely recommend lining them ASAP.

    1. Hi Miriam!

      Thanks, I’m really liking the addition of the green. Green always seems to liven up a space. Thank you so much for the heads up on fading. I worried about that. Question, do your panels have the thin white liner? I might have to get blackout fabric to prevent fading…


      1. Nope, just the green velvet unlined. So perhaps yours will hold up better? We’ve been able to repurpose the fabric in various things, and it’s held up really well, just not as curtains!

  3. I spotted these curtains in World Market and fell in LOVE! They really are amazing for such a low price. I just wish I had a room to coordinate with the green color. So glad you bought them!

  4. I love your paint color. I have olive green curtains and the room is currently painted olive as well. It’s way too dark for my taste. This color would be q nice change for me. Do you remember the paint color?

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