Door Handles

For the most part, decisions for the basement have been made based on the main level.  Mainly what will flow, so we’ve carried elements throughout for continuity.  Painted six panel doors, same trim, slate flooring, and white tongue and groove are all joining the party.  One choice however, has prompted a change on the main level:


It’s subtle, but maybe this will make it more obvious?


If you still can’t tell, we changed out all the door handles and hinges.


After looking at several options, we landed on the Latitude series from Schlage in satin nickel.  I chose based on looks while Ben’s choice was based on durability, reputation, and a lifetime guarantee.

Gone are the shiny brass paddle style levers that adorned each main level door when we bought this house.   I know the brass trend is still going strong, but I prefer it in unlacquered form.

Main Bathroom Painted Door Handle

The basement had all standard cheapo knobs straight out of the 70’s.


Now that we’re at the point in the basement to, you know, install/need doors and handles, we bit the bullet and bought enough for both levels.


Clean, tailored lines are beautiful, but also really easy to wipe down.  With two messy boys, wipeability is always a consideration.


More often than not, it’s the tiny details that make me happiest.  Even something as miniscule and trite as door handles.  It’s always a great reminder not to ignore smaller elements, as they still have an impact on every finished space.

6 thoughts on “Door Handles

  1. I love these new handles! We had the same issue of unattractive door knobs and ours were somewhat mixed in styles and replacing them had been on my to do list for a while (we moved to Germany and are renting the house now, but if we lived there again, that would be up there on my priority list). I think your house is coming together SO WELL. I love love love all the green and your style. The new handles are the cherry on top of everything else.

    1. Aww, you are incredibly kind and sweet. Thank you for the nice comments and encouragement to keep on going. It’s funny that we’ve put it off until now, because it’s a small change that really updates the look.

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