A Combo Bathroom Vanity

At the end of January, but the beginning of our full gut basement remodel, I shared a few vanity options to go in the bathroom.  After living with a variety of styles, I was quickly able to narrow it down to a combo of open and closed storage.  Open to keep what could be a big, bulky piece light, but closed for maximum storage for items big and small.  Here’s what we came up with:

Plan a unique vanity: https://ourhumbleabodeblog.com/2016/01/27/designing-a-bathroom-vanity/

From drawing to reality, here’s the completed vanity:


Obviously the rest of the room isn’t finished, but we’re getting close.  Tiling the shower is next, followed up with linen shelving behind the door, then paint and finishing touches.  As for the vanity, four by four pine posts create the legs, a shelf rests on hidden supports, and a custom-made cabinet box houses the drawers and cabinet.

After walking around the stone yard, Ben and I both fell for this black with white swirling vein remnant slab.  The same sleek white vessel sink we used in our bathroom is a modern addition.  Photographing this space is tricky thanks to the unpainted walls and artificial lighting, so sorry some areas are really blown out.


Slab fronts with angled edges allow the rest of the details to shine through.


I usually lean toward handles, but opted for satin nickel knobs for minimal interruptions of the cabinetry.


Over the years, I’ve come to enjoy the benefits of keeping some things out in the open.  A single open shelf is handy for storing extra towels and toilet paper, making them accessible for guests without having to search.  Because it’s always awkward if/when you have to search at someone else’s house, right?  Easy way to eliminate that annoyance.


Speaking of toilet paper accessibility, going with an open ended holder makes life so much easier for everyone.  If possible, I prefer to mount the holder out of sight from the door to keep a clean sight line.


Despite being unfinished, this bathroom is already a far cry from the starting point of  glue floors, yellow fixtures, and orange counter tops.


I’m so excited for the shower to take shape next-we’re using a method and material that we’ve never done so it will be interesting.  What project do you currently have in the works?  Anything with new to you products?

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