DIY Float Mount Frame

As we finished up the basement, I started looking for art I loved.  Boy did I find it at Wolf Jaw Press, with this handsome Bison.


At 20 by 30, he was the perfect size for this small wall right inside the garage entrance.


The screen print has a neat torn edge on the long sides of the print, which I think sets it apart from a digitally printed item.


As usual, I wanted the frame slightly larger to allow a mat.  Because of the torn edge, I really wanted a float mount to show the edges, not hide.  After wrapping the frame backing in a cotton muslin, I mounted the print to a piece of foam core, cut 1 inch smaller.  Helpful tip, 20 by 30 inch pieces of foam core are available at dollar stores, look at craft stores for larger sizes.  


Then, I used strong tape to attach the foam to the muslin backing and popped it all in the frame.


That quarter-inch float adds just a subtle shadow.


It isn’t visible unless you’re literally against the wall, even so, the white foam isn’t obvious against the white print paper.


Going with a float mount was also helpful in this case because the screen print hugged the left side of the paper, leaving a bit more space to the right.


He happily greets guests coming in the front door, and just makes me smile.


This simple trick would also look beautiful with a pretty textile, an old letter, architectural prints, and old photographs.  I adore the idea of an item with a unique or uneven edge being displayed this way.

2 thoughts on “DIY Float Mount Frame

    1. Hi Peggy!

      Nope, the frame was a cheapie from Michaels. I figure it’s only a matter of time until this frame gets knocked down, so keeping it cheap is best for now. 😀


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