Progress in the Pool House

One of the more unique, and infrequently shared, features of our house is the indoor pool.  Nearly five years ago, when we closed on this house, it looked like this:

Looking up, there was fiberglass sheeting on the ceiling, dark wood siding on the walls, and a leaking roof-due to old solar panels on the roof, dripped down.  Looking down, the floors were covered with outdoor grade carpet, covering the damaged tile below, and the pool liner was shot.  We saw potential, but because we didn’t need the pool, finishing it was lowest on the priority list.  That doesn’t mean changes haven’t been made along the way, though.

Before replacing the house siding, we first had to tackle landscaping work, which had been filled in too high, covering the wooden rim joist that rests on the concrete foundation.  Wanting to keep the future back deck all on the same level, we decided to take out the wet bar platform and lower the door and window.  Once the exterior work made it to the pool house, we replaced all the windows and doors.

Which brings us up to speed on past pool house progress, but this space has basically functioned as a personal warehouse of building supplies.  It feels like this space has 3,286 steps to get it done, so it’s bit by bit progress.  First order of business is replacing the ceiling.  Unlike all the other spaces we’ve worked on, it’s not quite that simple.pool-house-ceiling-scaffolding-from-belowHaving a ceiling peak of 15 feet, plus a 9 foot deep hole to work over, we needed scaffolding.  Rather than renting and spending the same or more money, we built a temporary structure to make working easier.  Step 1 of 3,286 complete.  Then, Ben tore off the old sheets, exposing the structure.  Step 2, check!pool-house-ceiling-taken-offThose exposed beams are such a cool structural element, but the leaking roof had streaked and stained both.  A thorough sanding brought them back to life.  Steps 3-9, done!pool-house-beam-sandingOnce the beams were finished, Ben started prep work to install the tongue and groove pine boards.  First, two by 4 boards were secured perpendicular to the trusses followed up by new light boxes to adequately light the entire room.  Steps 10 and 11.  Next, he cut pieces of rigid foam insulation to tuck between the boards for a higher R value and covered with a thin plastic sheeting-12 and 13 are done.pool-house-ceiling-insulation-and-plastic-sheetingBoard by board, we’ve been installing pine planks.  Let’s say that was steps 14 through 20.  Below, the center had just been finished, minus the insides of the skylights.pool-house-ceiling-center-finishedDue to the ceiling trusses dipping down and rising up unevenly, we decided to install the boards perpendicular to the beams.  This makes the unevenness far less noticeable, unlike a long run that accentuates any discrepancies.  It’s hard to see the ceiling from below with the scaffolding in the way, but it’s looking great already.pool-house-ceiling-center-detailThe strips on either side of the beams still need work, the skylights will get boxed in, and trim will go up to cover the gaps, so it’s not a quick process.  It is, however, 20 steps in the right direction.

11 thoughts on “Progress in the Pool House

  1. Wow, what a job! I’m happy to see this update, though, since the pool house always hangs out in the back of my mind as I wonder what you will do with it. It must have been great to have such an enclosed storage area for building materials as you worked on your house.

  2. Oh my goodness!! That is a huge project!!!! But this is what I love about your blog! You and your hubby seem to tackle any job and it always turns out great! Looking forward to seeing steps 21 and on 😉

    1. Hi Esther!!

      It’s a big project, but unlike most of our others, we can take more time in this if need be. It’s all bonus space, and hasn’t been functional in 5 years, so we’re not rushed to get it working like we would need a kitchen. 😀 Can’t wait to share more as we go along.


  3. This will sound stalkerish, but I’ve been waiting for this post since you bought your house! So excited to see this transformation! Love your style and the way you and your husband do the work yourselves. It’s so fun to follow your journey!

    1. Ha, not stalkerish. Not exaggerating, the pool is far and away the most asked about project. Both in real life and through the blog. It’s a unique space and we’re excited to finally start working on it.


    1. Hi Nancy!

      The pool itself definitely needs a new liner, and we’re not quite sure about the function of the main drain as we’ve never actually had water in it. The rest seems to be in great working condition. I’ll keep you posted as we get to these things though.


  4. Oh, yeah! I’ve been waiting for this! So excited for you to get the pool house done! It’s amazing how you cataloged ALL of that work into one tidy little post. Can’t wait to see the rest of the transformation!

  5. That ceiling is amazing, I can’t wait to see the finished product! Also, I can’t believe you’ve been there for 5 years already. Time is flying by.

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