Pool Liner Prep Work

Our pool has never been in good shape while we owned this house.  On closing day, the liner was stained and falling off the track.


We pulled it out to uncover a solid base, with three-foot tall fiberglass side panels.


Due to the way the pool was originally constructed, it will always need a full liner.  Before installing the liner, Ben had to fill any cracks.  A few in the hopper of the pool were large, which Ben used mortar to fill, in addition to the broken main drain.



For smaller cracks, he applied a heavy-duty sealant, smoothing it with a putty knife.

Pool House Patched Cracks in Pool Overall


Gaps between the fiberglass panels and hairline cracks in the concrete could potentially show through the liner.


A new aluminum track will surround the pool coping stones, with the liner lip tucking in the groove.


Speaking of the coping stones, they were looking a bit rough after the construction mess.



I stocked up on Magic Erasers and scrubbed off the grout residue and old caulking.


Thankfully, it all came off pretty easily and looks as good as new.  While I don’t love the white fiberglass tile, I think once the white terrazzo liner is in, it won’t be such a stark contrast against the dark tile.

2 thoughts on “Pool Liner Prep Work

  1. i love this project so much, i am always checking your blog to see how things are progressing. thanks and i can’t wait for you all to swim.

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