Green Cabinets & Walnut Handles

This weekend was a productive one, filled with small tasks that have been on our to do list for a while.  Filling cracks in the pool base, ordering the new liner, and finishing the pool kitchen cabinets.


Last I shared, I had painted the cabinet boxes Rolling Hills from Benjamin Moore.  The color is beautiful, but didn’t have enough contrast for this space.  I brought the quart back to the store, hoping to have it tinted closer to Forest Floor, the darkest color on the swatch strip.  Unknowingly, the paint guy accidentally added too much black, making my color a bit darker.


I tested it out, thinking maybe it read more black than green like I had in mind.  Even still, I knew on the larger door fronts it would be a more accurate representation.


After realizing the hinges we had weren’t right, then exchanging them for the right ones, Ben hung the unpainted panels.  Knowing they all fit, I set to work priming and painting the panels.  If you have two-sided paint projects in your future, get paint pyramids to cut your time in half.


Waiting for paint to dry isn’t a strength of mine, but it is crucial for a durable paint job.  After several days to cure, we attached the hinges to the doors, then doors to the frames.


A few more days of waiting, then I marked the placement for the custom walnut hardware.  With that step, the pool house kitchen is complete, minus styling.


With the vast amount of stainless steel in this space, I knew I wanted warm hardware.  I considered leather, but worried about durability.


When I asked Ben if he could make walnut handles, he asked what exactly I had in mind.  Something simple with clean lines.


Using the table saw, he cut a strip of walnut to width, then made a few passes to notch out the side.  The result is an L shape, perfect for grabbing the side.


Each handle has so much character, and I love the warm tone against the deep green.


Each handle has a standard hole width, making it easy to swap out if we ever decide we no longer want these.


The handles bring just a touch of the walnut shelving and vent hood wrap down; a warm contrast against the sleek stainless counters.


The pool liner and mechanical components are all that remain to finish in this space.  With our current temps hovering around 100 degrees, I’m so ready to have water to jump in whenever the mood strikes.

9 thoughts on “Green Cabinets & Walnut Handles

  1. you are good! how you make it look the way you planned and the colors you are willing to take chances with, looks fantastic!

    1. Hi Rebecah,

      I used Benjamin Moore Advance paint with a brush on only the detail parts, then a small foam roller on the large areas. The quality of paint you use makes a HUGE difference. I’ve also used Pro Industrial from Sherwin Williams. It’s a little bit harder to work with (bubbles and needs sanding between coats) but is super durable once it cures. Also, satin finish is my favorite for cabinets. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. This looks so amazing you guys. It has been such a massive project. I bet it feels so good to be near completion. Your whole home is stunning. Love the green cabinets. I’m painting ours a hunter green. Just painted a dresser hunter green for my guest room. Obsessed with green, and you have always inspired me to look more towards those green hues 🌵. Thank you- Heather @vintageshopspokane and @recycledloveletters 😊

  3. It’s coming along! I’m looking forward to your choosing a pool liner post. I’m choosing a liner soon too (for an outdoor pool) and would like to see the considerations you think about when choosing. My builder tells me there’s a trend to not using the standard tile-look top to the liner and just using the design that is typically only below the water line, above the water line too. What are your thoughts?

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