A Finished Client Bathroom/Laundry Switch

Do you remember this client bathroom before we started a remodel?

bathroom from bedroom before

Well, the bathroom remodel is complete, and here’s how it looks now:


Before the family moved in, they had the entire house repainted, and the vanity updated.  Obviously, those elements make a huge difference in updating the feel of the home.

bathroom sink before

Our part of the remodel included replacing the tile floor with the same slate we’ve used throughout our home.  Yes, we love it that much (and the amazing price for a natural stone) that we recommend it to clients.


Across from the vanity, we removed the tub, replacing it with a generously sized, marble clad shower.


In place of the old shower, we added a closet, but not just any closet.


Here’s a hint at what’s hiding behind those double doors:


A stacked washer and dryer below with a huge cabinet above.  Getting the laundry units out of the traffic flow between the kitchen and garage was the name of the game.


The homeowner is surprised at how often she wants to do laundry now that it’s in the master bathroom.  She’s not waiting to make sure they’re not coming and going, tripping over laundry or baskets when going through the garage.  Another simple, but high function change was swapping the water closet swinging door with a pocket door.


Changing the door leaves space for a wall mounted drying rack is nearby the laundry, but easily tucks away.


The shower now features a beautiful marble hex floor, a 6 by 12 inch marble tile surround, and a built in bench.


A bar hanging from the ceiling solves the solution of where to hang towels, scrubbies, and the squeegee.


Aside from all of the beige and cosmetic updates, the home owners are thrilled with the new function of the space.

bathroom to bedroom before

It’s hard to believe that space above and the space below are the same, isn’t it?!


By swapping the laundry into the bathroom, we were able to also update the function and look of the former laundry room.  master-bath-with-laundry-from-bed

You can see the tiniest peek of the new mud room through the bedroom door.  We just put the finishing touches on that this week, so stay tuned to see more!

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