A Sun Baked Mud Room

Wrapping up at a client remodel, we first started with a master bathroom change up, removing a seldom used tub to replace it with an oversized shower.  With the shower shifted over to the right, there was space to move the washer and dryer from a cramped pass through style laundry room into a stacked closet.  So, what happened to the former laundry room?

laundry room before

Well, it’s now a storage filled mud room, complete with a bench, small sink, and oodles of storage.


Coming in from the garage, the space can now handle the shoes, jackets, backpacks, purses, and everything else life comes along with.


To maximize the function of the space, we divided the width into three sections.  On the left, a stainless steel sink and counter with a cabinet large enough to stow away cleaning supplies below.  Above, two sets of cabinets store infrequently used kitchen appliances and other household items.


In the center, a floating bench with baskets below and an over sized peg board above.  Rather than hooks in one row, the pegs are movable and removable, allowing any configuration necessary.


Over on the right, a tall cabinet to house vacuums, mops, brooms, and more.  You know you’re an adult when you’re excited about a cabinet to store such items.


To add some joy and personality into such a utilitarian space, the owner selected a happy muddy red tone, called Sun Baked Earth.  In a small room with no natural lighting, the camera makes it appear a touch more orange than it does in person.


The custom sink is big enough to be able to get a bucket inside, but now boasts a bit of counter space.


Extra pegs are close by, and double as a towel hook.


Across from the shelving, the owner has two racks to store shoes, keeping everything off the floor.  sun-baked-earth-mud-room-shoe-racks-and-shelf

Above, we built a ledge to display art but also store keys, wallets, a garage door opener and other items that are easily misplaced.  We’re thrilled to report that the family loves their new spaces, and not stumbling over laundry.

5 thoughts on “A Sun Baked Mud Room

  1. I love this. It looks so functional. I love how the cabinet color is sort of unexpected and unique. I’m a little tired of seeing cookie cutter spaces online, so this is like a breath of fresh air with some personality. (Don’t get me wrong as I think people can do whatever they want in their houses Ha,ha I just like seeing choices that are a little out of the ordinary so I loved this, including that cool unit for shoe storage.)

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